International Travel Insurance, Why it requires for Overseas Employee

What is International Travel Insurance?

Traveling to a foreign country can be exciting and at the same. This brings a lot of untold events, circumstances that we are not ready for, and that a question, why it is mandatory to have travel insurance made before you go to a foreign country which might seem costly with already the cost of travel on the head but this is necessary as it helps you with safer travel in the first place.

In this article we are going to discuss International travel insurance firstly discussing why we need to bought? After we will discuss the importance and why it is necessary to buy International Travel Insurance.

At last, learn more about the requirements of a travel insurance policy that every traveler should know about.

One of the reasons why travel insurance needed to have back support and peace of mind is that even if there are tough times in a foreign country while traveling with your family, friends, and people you know.

Then you can count on the insurance to help you in those tough times. Travel insurance can be of different types and can cover a lot of things that include your luggage, items that are costly, your medical health coverage, and more like that.

So in order to ensure to have an awesome flight to an unknown country to travel around with the ones like your family, friends, you need to read this guide.

Is it Necessary to buy International Travel Insurance?

Yes, if you are someone who seeking to go abroad for either travel or in order to spend a period of time in a foreign country then you will have to buy international travel insurance. This may have coverage for all your needs in times of distress and harm if something happens to you.

But the most important reason the travel insurance has become a compulsory and mandatory requirement for Visa approval. This may have many aspects and among them the person who wants to travel to foreign nation must and should have their Insurance made.

It does not matter if your travel is for a smaller period of time for a business trip or if you want to study or focus on your on-site job in the foreign country for a long period of duration you will eventually in all cases have to buy travel insurance that explicitly covers all your human needs and medical necessities such that the Visa approvals are not blocked.

Important Requirements of International Travel Insurance – Buy Perfect Travel Insurance for International Stay

There are many elements and necessary things aligned with an Insurance policy. This may have to take into account before randomly picking up any.

You may able to find hundreds of different travel insurance policies that suits for abroad travelers. But it seem legit or does it cover all the benefits one would necessarily require is the main question?

From the below instructions and points you will take into account the things that should be considered thoroughly before buying. Below are the insurance policy coverage and items. This may understand and ensure are part of your package for your insurance for safer travel.

Policy Coverage

Coverage is the term which means “Includes” so this is what your Insurance policy will pay for. Also this may help you during your time travelling in a foreign nation.

These are the basic and very common coverage policies that everyone has out there in the market. But some do not provide these basic elements that you have to ensure to review your Insurance coverage policy. Such that these are part of your coverage without mistake.

  • Health & Medical coverage for treatment
  • Loss of Luggage or Delay
  • Loss of Passport
  • Trip Cancellation Trip Delay
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Missed Flights

Type of Insurance Policy

So while the above coverage is important. It is mandatory for you to seek a proper insurance which covers for you, family, friends and your travel type like multiple times or so.

  • Individual Travel Insurance
  • Family Travel Insurance
  • Group or Friends Travel Insurance
  • Student Travel Insurance
  • Multiple Trip Travel Insurance
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Price – Is the cost and price for travel insurance the same for all the age groups?

Price is a varying factory and it depends on a lot of items such as the group or number of people under an insurance policy. It also depends on the type of Insurance policy and the extra add on coverage it provides.

But the most common and basic coverage for an Individual cost around 5000 rupees for a short duration of travel only. While the price may change depending on platform or the vendor or agent that you seek to get it from.


The International travel insurance policy is based on the duration that you select while buying the policy, So you do not have to worry about the time and duration since it depends on you to select the duration yourself as per your preference of the stay in a foreign nation.

But at the same time if you are multiple times foreign traveler then you can buy an annual or subscription-based policy which will have its cost different but comes with additional perks so that you do not have to keep on buying a new policy for each travel you make.

Extra Add-ons & Care for Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions & Medicare Recipients

Please note that traveling to a foreign nation with pre-existing diseases and conditions are harmful to the travelers and most of the Insurance companies do not provide any exception for them.

The same goes for anyone who is a medicare recipient as the policies do not include any insurance for such groups.

  1. Does International travel insurance also have coverage for seniors and pregnant ladies?

    Yes, the travel insurance policy is present for seniors separately which you can take other than opting in for an Individual policy. Anyone who is an elderly person can take this policy type. Whereas for the pregnant ladies, it’s not suggested to travel in such a condition and probably no policy covers for it as well.

  2. Can I book International travel insurance after departure or landing on the foreign soil?

    Yes, even after departure and landing on to a foreign soil, you can still buy a new travel insurance policy. But it will not include all the benefits and may partially opted in.

  3. Does the International travel insurance bought in India is valid in the US, UK or other countries?

    Yes, there are many online platforms that are now providing International travel insurance right from India for traveling to a foreign country like the US, UK, or any other as well.

    The policy that you have bought is valid as well. But in case if you are traveling to some remote country or not on the list of included coverage countries then you might want to check that from the platform first and then book your policy as per the requirement and decision.

  4. Is there any difference between Overseas travel insurance vs International travel insurance?

    No, it is the same but the terminology is different on some of the online platforms that sell you the International travelling policy.

  5. Does International travel insurance have COVID coverage?

    It depends on the company or the platform that you are buying the insurance from because there are now special policies that have COVID coverage while there are many that do not have COVID coverage as well. So, check thoroughly with the platform on the type of policy and check under the coverage section if it covers the COVID.