Bank Card and Travel Card Needed for Overseas Employee

Traveling to Overseas is now a normal discussion, that every employee may fly during their business visits or individual or family plans in their free time. In such a time, there are a lot of options that can be availed to have your journey smooth and joyful.

The Travel card is one such major option that you can select which are provided by various banks, and based on your travel and the country you’re visiting the Travel cards of the bank are organized.

This makes you opt for many options such as free banquet, dining or lodge and more, thus having a Travelcard while travelling will always benefit you in various ways.

Travel Card and Bank Card for Overseas Employee

Travel Card

Travel card is a card that is offered by various banking institutes, with offering exciting deals and offers for travel. The benefits thus originated to provide the traveler with benefits during their visit and easy access to various things that cannot be affordable, where booking your hotel to Air Ticket, are easily accessible if you have a Travel card.

Eligibility to Apply for Travel Card

Have a look at the eligibility criteria that you need to have to get the Travel card Issued.

  • Applicant must be a citizen of India
  • Salaried or self-employed individual
  • Good Bank record to have good limit in Travel card
  • 21 years is minimum age that is needed to apply

What Type of Travel Card to Choose?

As you’re on the way to proceed for our travel to your desired country, then you must be aware of the Travel card and its benefits. Based on the below benefits you need to choose one Travel card from the bank and get it to have a smooth journey.

Welcome Gift: Travel card does offer reward points or air miles as your start using the card. Once you receive enough REWARD points that can be used to redeem as a gift card and if air miles are gifted, that can be used to book air tickets for free.

Airport Lounge Access: every travel card does give you access to Airport lounge. This lounge access does have privileges that differ based on your card level, thus making sure you have got the best card that offers flexible benefits by giving the entire lounge access.

Travel Insurance: This can also be found in most of your Travel cards, but this needs to be selected to ensure you have insurance on your travel. Travel Insurance does make your visit safer and fearless, when you roam into a new city.

Zero Liability: in case you have lost your Travel card during the travel, then you can just report the bank of the loss. Zero liability of card loss will be laid, and any fraud transaction made after loss has been reported will keep you safer.

Annual Fee waiver: it is by default that every Travel card has a minimum annual fee to be paid. In the same they do provide an officer, such that if you travel regularly by using the Travel card. The annual fee will be waived off giving you a hassle free to pay the annual payment.

Check-In Priority: There are offers in Travel cards that let you have a priority check in option. Having this option does allow you to directly access the check-in without standing in a long queue during any important visits.

Extra Baggage: Baggage is not limited, if you travel to any new country. In many cases, we don’t expect it, but our luggage is overloaded, exceeding the airline’s limit. Having a Travel card with baggage features, will allow you to get any weight of luggage that won’t let you pay for any extra baggage.

Bank Travel Card Available

Here we have a list of banks that provide you a Travel Card, which can be used best for your traveling. There are detailed descriptions of each card that will help you to choose the best Travel Card based on your budget and need of travel.

JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club: This is a co-branded credit card that is in collaboration with Jet Airways Flight bookings which has got amazing features if you use Jet Airways for travel.

  • Features: The Base Fare of Jet Airways travel in Domestic lines will be waived off along with regards of 8 JPMiles and 24 JPMiles respectively on-Air Tickets booked respectively. Get an exclusive 5 % discount on tickets with getting a free premium check in with extra baggage allowance. Free access to every language in the world with unlimited componentry golf games.
  • Fee: Joining Free of Rs 10,000 is minimum for first year and will be waived off to RS 5000 from 2nd year which will be waived off if you spend more than 8 Lakhs per year.

AXIS Bank Miles & More World Credit Card: This is an exclusive card, which brings high value miles reward on your every spend. There is no limitation for Airlines which is valid for all domestic and international flights.

  • Features: Get Free 55,000 Miles points on your membership year along with getting complimentary priority pass membership for premium access. Get 2 free visits every year to the priority pass lounge. Get complimentary insurance that covers your baggage, extra luggage, loss of the card, or air accidents. The Rewards [points can be redeemed with partner airlines, shopping, hotel booking, and for charity as well.
  • Fee: Joining Fee is Rs 3000 which will be the same for the next renewal year and will get a free premium economy ticket as a bonus for joining.

Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card: Axis Bank offers this credit card with collaboration with Vistara Airlines that offer’s benefits if you opt Vistara and its respective services during our travel.

  • Features: Complimentary membership with Club vista silver program that let you have prior to check in along with having extra baggage facility. Spend Rs 200 from card and get 4 points of club Vistara that can be redeemed for hotel booking or flight tickets bookings. Get free lounge access to selected airports in India with a chance to get premium economics free if you reach the annual milestone. Get an accident cover of Rs 2.5 crore with protection cover of Rs 1 lakh and zero liability of loss of card for its service.
  • Fee: Joining Fee of Rs 1500 with having same amount for renewal year as well. Get a complimentary ticket as a joining bonus.

Air India SBI Platinum Card: If you’re an Air India flyer, then you can prefer this card which gives you returns on membership, reward points earned on Air India Spends, and Air Miles with giving airport lounge facility.

  • Features: Get 15 reward points on every Rs 100 spent on Tickets for Air India and a renewal bonus of 2000 every year. It offers 8 free lounges in India per year giving you liability of 1 lakh on lost cards. One reward point is the same as one Air Mile which can be converted to book air tickets.
  • Fee : joining Fee Rs 1500 with the same amount for end year renewal . get 5000 reward points upon joining and get a complimentary membership to Air India frequent flyer list.

Air India SBI Signature Card: If you look from Air India and SBI, then get a Signature card that offers you extra benefits giving you more access to high facilities during your visit along with easy hotel booking.

  • Features: Get 30 rewards on every Rs 100 spent and get an annual bonus of 5000 reward every year you renew the card. Get Airport Priority Pass program to get complimentary membership for easy check-in and extra luggage benefit. A 1 lakh bonus on reward points every year with giving you 8 free airport lounge visits every year.
  • Fee : Joining Fee is just 4,999 which is similar for a second year of renewal and gives you a reward bonus of 20000 reward on your joint with SBI Signature Credit Card.

Citi Premiermiles Card: If you have a Citibank account, getting this card will be easier for you that helps you in easy booking of domestic or international flights.

  • Features: Get 10,000 miles on your first spend of more than Rs 1000 with the Citi Premiermiles Card. Also an extra 3000 Miles will be added once you renew your card and get 10 miles for every Rs 100 spent. Easy hotel booking and flight access to be given with a card.
  • Fee: Joining fee of Rs 3000 will be collected and will be zero if you’re an already citi priority customer and the same amount will be asked for next year renewal.

Why to Use a Bank Specific Travel Card for Travel?

If your existing customer is State Bank of India, HDFC, Aix Bank, Citi Bank or any other bank, then you can choose to have their specific Travel Card. The eligibility will be easier and the paying of the card dues will be directly linked with your account. Having one bank Travel Card will give you extra benefits when compared with non-account holders.

Why is a Travel Card useful?

On your way to travel, it is unknown that you will be traveling to various places and then there may be need of money anytime. In such a time Travel Card does help you a lot and giving your airport lounge and complimentary benefits will let you enjoy many services which are given on heavy prices for normal customers.

Is there an eligibility for a Travel Card?

Yes, we do have eligibility criteria for getting the Travel Card, as the individual should have a bank account with a minimum salary requirement. As well the bank credit score will be high enough to match your requirements.

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