Quarantine Leave Rules for General Insurance Employee

Here are basic rules for how the authority of General Insurance Company may sanction the Quarantine Leave for an employee working in an organization, do check and apply as and when met the conditions…

1. Quarantine Leave is leave of absence from duty necessitated by orders not to attend office in consequence of the presence of infectious disease in the household of an employee of the Company.

2. The quarantine leave should not be granted unless the medical officer, looking to the infectious nature of the disease considers it necessary to quarantine the member of the household suffering from the infectious disease.

  • Explanation: The term medical officer means medical-officer-in-charge of any Government Civil or Military or Municipal Hospital or Dispensary.

3. The employee must, in the first instance, report the presence of the infectious disease in his house-hold immediately after it is detected and submit a medical certificate from the Medical Officer to the effect that a member of his household has been quarantined.

4. On production of the certificate referred to in (3) above, the competent authority would pass orders that the employee should not attend the office for the relevant period recommended in the medical certificate. Any earned leave sanctioned to the employee for that period would be canceled.

5. If the employee does not promptly intimate the detection of the infectious disease in his house-hold he would not be eligible to have the earlier period (i.e. the period prior to the intimation of the disease to be treated as quarantine leave.

6. If an employee reports about the presence of an infectious disease after he rejoins duty, he would not be eligible to have his absence for the period treated as quarantine leave.

7. If an employee himself is suffering from an infectious disease, no quarantine leave shall be admissible, but he may be allowed sick leave, and if sick leave is not admissible, he may be allowed earned leave, and if both sick leave and earned leave are not admissible he may be granted leave on loss of pay.

8. An employee in whose household the presence of an infectious disease is detected, should produce a certificate prior to resuming duty that the concerned patient has been cured and is no more an infectious stage and the employee himself is fit to resume duties.

9. Cholera, Small Pox, Plague, Diphtheria, Typhus Fever and Cerebrospinal meningitis are considered as infectious disease for the purpose of quarantine leave.

  • In addition, quarantine leave may also be granted for such diseases as are declared by the concerned State Government as infectious diseases in the area. If necessary, the above information may be obtained from the State Government concerned.

10. Chicken Pox is not itself considered so infectious as to warrant quarantining a patient. Hence the request for the grant of quarantine leave due to attack of chicken pox cannot be considered.

These were collected from various sources, and these Quarantine Leave rules may be applicable for all General Insurance (Oriental Insurance, United India Insurance, National Insurance, New India Assurance) employees working in the sector. So please do check with your concerned before submitting the application.