Add Multiple Insurance Policy in One LIC Login Account

One can register or link all / multiple Life Insurance policy numbers in the LIC India portal if having multiple numbers of policies for self, family members, and dependents…

Life Insurance of India has got an initiative by bringing LIC eServices to its customers, which let them add all their existing Policies in one place, and the best use of this e-services is that customers should not visit the LIC office.

If a customer of LIC India registers their policies under the LIC portal, he/she knows the next premium amount, getting status of insurance policy, the redemption of policy, and other details that can easily check.

Once the customer gets registered with the LIC eServices portal, he can get his policies added here and track them all together, and the process of registering the policies is quite simple, Lets do follow the steps

How to Add Multiple Policy in LIC Login

  1. Open LIC online customer portal
  2. Enter your login details
  3. Click on Individual Policy Details
  4. Hover to Basic Services and Click
  5. Click Add New Policies in the left side panel
  6. Select Relationship from drop-down (Self / Spouse / Child)
  7. Enter Policy Numbers on clicking Add More Policies on top right
  8. Click Submit
  9. LIC database verifies the actuals and a popup appears the registration form for successful addition.
  10. Follow the same process to add Spouse or Child multiple policies by selecting the relationship again.
Mutiple LIC Policy Addition Process in Single Login Account
  1. Can I get my Child Policy Added in LIC eService’s Login?

    Yes, the LIC eService’s does allow you to add your family member in your LIC registration portal, and Log in with your User id and Password into LIC eServices and use the option of adding family in LIC. You must select the child in name to add your child insurance policy, which allows you to track and pay the premium without a miss.

  2. How to Get a Bank Account Linked with LIC?

    The NEFT form from the bank needs to be taken on behalf of Life Insurance Corporation of India, this form can be taken from the official website of LIC.

    Once the NEFT form is dual signed by the Banker and policyholder, you need to get this form submitted to LIC to add the bank to your account, and this is must and required, as only after linking the Bank account any amount after maturity will be sent to your linked bank account.

  3. Is It possible to Father Policy in LIC eService’s Portal?

    The policyholder does have the option to add any of their family members in their LIC eServices portal, and the father insurance policy by adding using the option by selecting the relation as a father. The full policy number to enter with respective details to successfully get the Father Policy added.

  4. What is the process to Add Spouse Name in LIC Policy eServices Portal?

    The LIC eServices does give an open platform to do the modification to your existing insurance and as per the guidelines of Life Insurance Corporation of India, the existing policyholders are not allowed to add their spouse in same policy.

    So, they have requested a new policy on their Spouse name from insurance eServices and get the registration. Spouses must have a different LIC policy number registered, unlike any other family members.

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