Superannuation Requirements Proforma for Railway Employee

Superannuation requirements proforma for the employee of the Railway department is the most important who is in to reach their retirement time to get their family details filled in to the department office.

Having their family added to a health scheme, pension scheme and more is an important task for an employee getting retired, and the Indian Railway does give a fair chance to employees to have the service experienced even after they have ended their service to Indian Railways.


The Proforma to be filled by the Railway Employee before their Superannuation to add their daughter, son, or wife to the Retired Employees liberalized Health Scheme, and the name is considered and eligible to get the benefits under the health scheme they are enrolled in.

The below-given proforma for Superannuation Requirements of Railway should submit to the concerned along with the required witness and items required (Passbook of joint pension account, photos, Aadhaar, Postal Address, Pension Booklets, Revenue Stamps), along with Annexure C stated the receipt of Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1990.

Application for Superannuation Requirements

All these attachments along with pension booklets should reach the concerned authority before 90days of Superannuation through proper channel with all recommendations of controlling officers to complete the process of Superannuation with benefits and settlement of Pension to Railway employee.

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