SGT ERP for Student Education Management at

SGT University is well known to be one of the best private institutes and one who has worked with multiple international universities, companies and alot more for providing students with better education, facilities, maybe job opportunities and a lot more for students. Though the ERP portal is designed for Staff, Faculty and Students as well.

If you are a new student who has recently been provided access to the SGT ERP then before you try to access the portal, you can learn from below all the things and facilities you can avail from this ERP login.

  • Viewing personal and academic information
  • Checking examination schedules
  • Viewing grades and academic transcripts
  • Registering for courses
  • Viewing class schedules
  • Paying fees
  • Viewing financial aid information

I am sure you now understand how useful the ERP portal is and that is why in the guide below we help you explain more in detail about the SGT ERP login process for students and then also look into how you can reset your password if you forget.


You can follow the instructions below to complete your login for SGT ERP Portal and make sure that you have your username and password for this.

  1. Open the SGT ERP portal website from here
  2. Then on the login page, you need to enter your username and password
  3. Next click on the Login button and you will be logged into your account for SGT ERP portal.

ERP SGT Password Reset

Well it’s sometimes possible for you to forget your password and it can be resolved easily by following the below password reset instructions.

  1. Go to the SGT ERP portal login page from
  2. Then under the login section, click on I forgot my password option and a popup will appear
  3. Enter your ERP ID along with you date of birth, then click on the Submit button
  4. Now you will receive an OTP to your registered email address or phone number, enter the OTP
  5. Then click on confirm button and now you can reset your password by entering a new password and reenter the new password again to confirm
  6. Finally click on Submit button and your account password is reset

Is SGT University ERP different from SGT ERP?

SGT ERP is the primary ERP, SGT University students also need to use the same portal itself.

Can Parents create an SGT ERP account?

No, SGT does not allow student’s parents to create their accounts for the ERP.

Can I pay my fees through the SGT ERP portal?

Yes, you can login and make your academics fee, exam fee, library fee, bus fees and a lot more through the SGT ERP but most of these fee payments can be made from the SGT University website links as well.