SBI Staff Pensioner Video Life Certificate Submission

State Bank of India has confidently introduced a new and improved video based life certificate identification system for SBI pensioners of its staff, as a secure addition to the existing methods for identification.ff, as a secure addition to the existing methods for identification.

As we all know, every SBI staff pensioner life certificate has to submit in person and signature made in the presence of the concerned Manager or Officer of that Bank/Branch.

In addition to above, we know the digital life certificate introduced by Government through Jeevan Pramaan which is an Aadhaar based biometric authentication platform available for all pensioners for all departments.

SBI Staff Pensioner Video Life Certificate

Apart from the above two options, State Bank of India introduced Video Based Identification for staff pensioners to submit life certificate in every calendar year.

How to Submit Video Based Life Certificate for SBI Staff Pensioner

Here is the simple process identified about how to submit video based life certificate, check now and follow the process for earlier submission

  1. State Bank pensioner may login into SBI HRMS mobile application with user login credentials
  2. Click on Life Certificate Tab
  3. Select Offline Submission
  4. Select Record a Video
  5. Answer the Questions asked by the Application
  6. Click Close and Submit Video Recording
  7. Download Acknowledgment
  8. Approve Video based Life certificate

Can all SBI staff pensioners allowed for Video Based Life certificate?

Yes, it is available for all SBI staff pensioners, but allowed for those who uploads photo in SBI HRMS and verified by the branch.

Where should I get a Life Certificate Application SBI?

The State Bank of India does give the Life certificate application in their pensioner portal. Individuals have to get the application download and fill it with their current details updated in the portal. The applications may also taken from SBI branch from the pension section.

How can Bank official will approach SBI Staff Pensioner for any clarification?

The approving authority of State Bank of India for Video based Life certificate will calls on pensioner registered mobile number for further clarification if any required.

Can we received the rejected / approval information of Video based Life certificate?

Yes, the status of successful approval or cannot be approved for uploaded Video Based Life Certificate for State Bank Pensioners may received on Mobile through SMS and Email.

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  1. Pension of April 2022 not credited my s/b a/c number 322xxx903 Ramabhai Malabhai parmar sbi nirnaynagar branch submitted my life certificate


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