SBI Staff Pensioner Life Certificate Upload Online in SBI HRMS

SBI Staff Pension Seva now comes live to upload SBI Pensioner life certificate online through SBI HRMS login…

The State bank of India does have their pension group which do offer various benefits to their registered pensioners. The pensioner who enroll under the scheme has to submit life certificate every year to get regular benefits every month.

The Life Certificate is a document that brings proof of continuation of benefits to pensioners. It is all to show that they are alive to bank. This way of checking the pensioner is common in every private and government sector banking institutes to ensure that they do send the benefits of pension to the actual beneficiary.

In the view of convenience to the public, the Life certificate process enabled everywhere. So, the pensioners can themselves upload the document at their fingertips.

Benefits of SBI Staff Life Certificate

Here are some benefits that are provided by the State Bank of India to every pensioner which keeps them updated about their account.

  • Regularly SMS alerts with details of pension amount Crediton
  • Pension Slip may sent to the registered email address
  • Submit Life certificate in any of the SBI branch in India
  • Get enroll with Senior citizen Savings Scheme for benefits
  • Added benefits as per government guidelines to pensioner
  • Specific credentials for pensioner to update their details online

How to Upload Life Certificate in SBI HRMS by Pensioner

The Life certificate of a SBI pensioner or a SBI family pensioner has to submit in time with the steps as below on accessing the HRMS portal for instant approval by branch head.

  1. Login to SBI HRMS Portal

    Visit the SBI HRMS portal for pensioner

  2. Go to Employee Benefits and Tap Pension, PF

    Click on Pension, PF & Gratuity link from employee HRMS page

  3. Apply Life Certificate

    Tap Pension Processing and Click Apply Life Certificate

  4. Select Pensioner or Family Pensioner

    Choose appropriate option from right hand screen to upload and fill in application

  5. Enter SBI Pensioner PF Index Number

    Provide SBI pensioner number and click Search to retrieve details

  6. Check the details shown

    Find the name of the pensioner and LC Submission date

  7. Enter Remarks

    Provide the text in Remarks as LIFE CERTIFICATE SUBMITTED

  8. Click Submit the Request

    Click on Submit the Request, which will go for the manager's approval

  9. Manager will approve Life Certificate

    Concerned Manager will approve through their HRMS login and Approve Life Certificate and issues Acknowledgement for submission of LC

  1. What happens if I don’t submit a Life certificate in SBI?

    The pensioner whom so ever having benefits form SBI pension scheme require to submit their Life certificate. In failure of attaching Life certificate, their account may deactivated. As the Life certificate is a mandatory proof of pensioner being alive and he has to get his benefits further.

  2. Why my SBI Staff Pension benefits not credited?

    As per the pensioner benefits their regular pension amount may create in their account. Thus if the payment delayed by one or two months, then it might due to wrongly updating of Life certificate or no proper details updated in SBI branch. Individuals have to visit the nearest SBI branch and update their information to start the pensioner benefits.

  3. Can Life Certificate submitted on behalf of pensioners in SBI?

    The State Bank of India branch does not allow anyone from the family of pensioner to get Life certificate application attestation with pensioner. The application must submit in bank by anyone, but it should contain enough information with a dual signature or thumb impression of the pensioner to make it valid.

  4. Has the Life certificate upload or submission extended?

    The banking institute with the instruction from the Government of India has extended the Life certificate upload date. This pandemic created many banking works to get delay, thus in that scenario the date extended to give enough time for pensioners to update their Life certificate in their respective pensioner office.

  5. Do SBI Employees Get Pension?

    The state bank of India does give third party benefits to their employees to enjoy the benefits of pension. The provident fund and gratuity amount may credit to their account in regular, but the pension is through the third-party component which is an optional choice by employee.