SBI ATM PIN Generation at ATM Machine with OTP

Now you can generate the new 4 digit PIN for newly received SBI debit card, Check the process for generation of new SBI PIN by visiting any ATM center on your registered mobile number to generate 4 digit PIN to complete the State Bank debit card activation…

SBI ATM PIN Generation

Visiting the nearest SBI ATM to generate new debit card code received is one of the simplest form to generate the 4 digit secret code in addition to the generation process through internet banking. Almost all the banks including the State Bank of India provides the facility of generating the four digit password at the ATM center.

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The following is the new process initiated for State Bank customer to generate debit card pin at ATM center. For this facility, there is no charges and it said as absolute free facility. Let’s have a look at the process.

SBI New Debit Card PIN Generation

SBI ATM PIN Generation at ATM center

  1. Insert the debit card in any SBI ATM machine
  2. Wait for Menu Options on the screen
  3. Select Pin Generation from the options
  4. Enter 11 digit SBI account number using the keypad
  5. Confirm the account number by entering it again
  6. Click on Submit
  7. Enter the Registered Mobile Number of the account and Confirm the same
    • If the details provided by the customer matches the bank records then the customer will receive the following message.
      • Your green PIN will be shortly delivered to your registered mobile number
      • Press Confirm to see another message which says Your Green PIN generation has been successful. You will receive the same on your mobile number.
  8. Soon the customer will receive a message on their registered mobile with one OTP as Alphabets for 4 digit PIN. This may valid for another 2 days.
  9. Login to any SBI ATM machine anywhere
  10. Change the received 4 digit PIN which received in Alphabets and use SBI debit card with newly generated 4 digit PIN.

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What are the charges for first time activation of new debit card PIN?

There is no charges to generate the PIN on new SBI debit card through any mode like ATM, Internet Banking or with SMS or customer care.

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Is it mandatory to come again (second time) for generation of PIN?

If the 4 digit PIN (Alphabets) not received through SMS on your registered mobile through SMS at the same time when your are in ATM center, you must come again for activation and to change the ATM PIN.

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If received an OTP on mobile after some time, can we activate through Internet Banking or SMS or customer care?

No, It is not possible, you can change it through ATM machine only, every process is different from one to one, so you must follow the predefined separately.

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