SBI Interest Rates 2022 for Savings Account, FD, Home Loan & Personal Loan

SBI Interest rates changed in 2022 for different categories like Savings account, Fixed deposits(FD), Home Loan and Personal Loan, Check State Bank of India offers different interest rates for savings and deposits accounts, and any customer having a Savings account in SBI is valid to get offers from various benefits…

SBI Interest Rates

Bank savings interest rate is valid, if the customer maintained the minimum amount in their savings accounts, and the Interest Rate of State Bank of India varies every year based on budget session and thus by having your savings account will also earn you extra money.

This rate is paid by financial institutions based on the deposit done in a once saving account and thus the amount gets added in the current principal savings balance.

Choose better savings accounts in State Bank of India to drive an extra source of income without any risky investments, and the Interest Rate of SBI accounts and Deposits is far different from the SBI Fixed deposits.

SBI Savings Account Interest Rate

At present the following interest rates are applicable for all State Bank of India savings account holders with effect from 31.05.2020

  • Balance up to Rs. 1 Lakh will get 2.7% per annum
  • All the accounts having a balance above 1 Lakh will also get 2.7% per annum

SBI FD Interest Rates

The following are the different types of SBI Fixed Deposit Interest Rate applicable for the general public and senior citizens mentioned against as on 16.01.2022

Tenor of Fixed Deposit Interest Rate for General Public Interest Rate for Senior Citizen
7 – 45 days 2.9% 3.4%
46- 179 days 3.9% 4.4%
180 – 1 year 4.4% 4.9%
1-2 Years 5.1% 5.6%
2- 3 Years 5.1% 5.6%
3 – 5 Years 5.3% 5.8%
5 – 10 Years 5.4% 6.2%
SBI Term Deposit Interest Rate Table

History of SBI Interest Rates

For Saving Bank

Date from % of Interest Period
01.04.2000 4.00% Half Yearly
01.03.2003 3.50% Half Yearly
03.05.2011 3.50% to 4.00% Half Yearly
31.07.2017 4.00% to 3.50% Quarterly
31.05.2020 Upto 1 Lakh = 2.7%
Above 1 Lakh = 2.75%
Per Annum

For Deposits :

SBI Home Loan Interest Rate

Effective From % of Interest
01.03.2021 6.7%

SBI Personal Loan Interest Rate

Effective From % of Interest
01.03.2021 9.6%

SBI Education Loan

Effective From % of Interest
01.03.2021 9.6% will update the new interest rates whenever changed by the bank, and you may check the original source for more information