NSC Interest Rate on Investment – Find Year Wise Interest Chart

NSC Interest Rate is available from 2016 to 2024. Check the National Savings Certificate Interest Rate Chart for time to time changes…

If you are into investments then you might already know about NSC which is well known to be one of India’s top investment options. NSC stands for National Savings Certificate which is a savings scheme by the Indian Post Office division and is considered as high benefit yet low-risk factor involved investment.

If you have already filled your NSC form from your nearest post office along with the proof documents and the payment for the investment then you will receive your acknowledgment of the NSC account for the payment made.

NSC Interest Rate

But before you go to the point of payment into National Savings Certificate you might want to understand more about this investment opportunity and will it bring your profit over the interest rate provided over the course of investment tenure. So, in this article, we will help you understand more about the NSC Interest rate chart.

One of the essential reasons why someone would want to invest in National Savings Certificate is due to short-duration investment opportunities that bring a low risk but standard interest rate.

How to get National Savings Certificate Interest Rate

The National Savings Scheme interest rates are not announced for a whole year rather they are only announced for every quarter of the year. So, it means over a year you will find the interest rate 4 different times across the 4 quarters which is done in order to revise the interest rate depending on the profits and loss made. But at the same time for investors who look to invest for long tenure across years can know that the year NSC interest rate 2020-21is at 6.8% with compounding.

So according to the previous quarters in the 2022-23 year, the compound interest states that 6.8% interest rate would be applicable for the next quarter as well.

We can understand that there is always a 5% – 10% fluctuation in the interest per annum across different quarters. But this information alone does not help any investors out there to plan which NSC scheme tenure would benefit them the best but if you take a look at the NSC Interest rate by year wise then you will find more information that can help you make proper decisions on your investments.

The below table states the NSC interest as per the changes

NSC Interest Rate – Year Wise Chart

Date FromUptoInterest Rate (Per Annum in %)

NSC Interest Rate Calculator for AY 2022-23

If you would like to calculate the interest rate for the NSC investment then you can follow the below process since there is no official NSC calculator formula provided by NSC.

Investment is 100,000, Tenure is 5 years, Interest Rate is 6.8%

YearInvestmentInterest Gained Per Annum (6.8%)Returns

So Invested is 100,000 and returns is 38949 after 5 years then total returns on the investment is 138949. Find more details at nsiindia.gov.in

What is NSC Accrued Interest Rate on Withdrawal?

So the case if you are withdrawing the investment during the premature time or before the proper tenure then you will not be receiving the interest rate accrued over. But if you wish to withdraw the investment after one year then the investment with the present interest rate will be returned. So it comes to the question whether making a proper investment and waiting is important for the NSC because you will not lose out on the money invested if you withdraw before a year but you will not receive the interest rate.

What is the Interest Rate on 5 Year NSC?

If you are looking forward to investing on a 5 year tenure then the interest rate would be 6.8% as of the new AR 2020-21 but it might change over the course of years to come.

What is NSC Interest Rate in 2022?

In the year 2022, the NSC quarter 4 is running for AR 2022-23 with an interest rate of 6.8%.

How NSC Interest is Calculated?

The NSC Interest rate is calculated depending on the profit and loss of the post office NSC scheme but investors will be provided with the interest rate for the quarter or the year.

Is Interest in NSC taxable?

The NSC interest rate is non-taxable up to 1.5 Lakhs per annum but if it were to exceed 1.5 Lakhs per annum then it will be taxable.

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