Check PPF Withdrawal Eligibility Online at SBI Online Banking

Check your PPF Withdrawal amount eligibility | Open SBI Internet Banking and find PPF withdrawal amount online and submit application…

Public Provident Fund is one of the best saving scheme from Government of India provided to every individual. The PPF does bring an ease of savings to the employee with a maturity period of 15 years.

The scheme is under the observation of Government of India, and the interest rate applied on every account is all through a secured format. The Public Provident Fund withdrawal is an option provided to every citizen to get some portion of their savings before the actual maturity date.

Any individual who created their PPF account through State bank of India can use the direct option form their portal to get amount withdrawal along with PPF Interest credited in principal investment. There are only certain conditions during which the amount withdrawn from account by giving enough supporting explanation.

How to Check PPF Withdrawal Eligible Amount in SBI Net Banking

Check PPF withdrawal eligibility using SBI net banking services and apply for PPF withdrawal through application as per the amount shown, Check the live process below

  1. Login to SBI Internet Banking

    Open and Click login under Personal Banking

  2. Provide Username and password

    Click Continue to Login and Enter Username Password and Captcha

  3. Enter OTP and Submit to login

    Click Login and Enter OTP received on registered mobile number, Submit

  4. Tap on Request & Services

    Click on Eligible Loan / Withdrawal Limit on PPF under Request & Services

  5. Select PPF Account

    Click Submit by selecting the PPF account shown

  6. Check PPF Withdrawal eligible amount

    Find the Eligible withdrawal amount shown

State Bank of India PPF Withdrawal Form Download Online

PPF customer who have account in State Bank of India, can check the withdrawal eligibility in online with the above process. The subscriber of SBI can also check PPF account withdrawal amount through an approach of their servicing branch.

For both the above cases, the SBI PPF subscribers have to submit below mentioned duly filled withdrawal application form. After submission of the same, the concerned official may check the eligibility for withdrawal and process the withdrawal for credit of amount into the Savings account given of the PPF subscriber.

Download SBI PPF Withdrawn Form Pdf

There is certain eligibility during which only one can go ahead to withdraw their PPF account savings in case of any emergency. The conditions met behind to check the eligibility of withdrawal before reaching the maturity period.

On Maturity of attaining 15 years the full amount may withdrawn with interest to the individual account. As the maturity period fully completed as per the PPF regulations form SBI online.

Partial Withdrawal made once maturity of 6 years attained by the individual. In this period, only half of the balance may withdrawn. It is by providing a good reasoning for the PPF withdrawal through access to an SBI online account.

Premature closure is one form of withdrawal. One can withdraw full amount from PPF account once a period for 5 years attained. Once 5 years reached, their entire PPF account may closed. The amount accumulated in PPF account till this date may deposit in individual account as per premature closure regulations.

  1. Why didn't we get PPF withdrawal amount?

    You SBI PPF account may mapped with the same CIF for which account you have SBI internet banking facility.

  2. Can I extend Public Provident Fund Maturity?

    If the individual Public Provident Fund account reached 15 years of maturity, there are still options to increase maturity period. This may selected years under the rules. Individuals have to write a letter and follow some documentation to extend their maturity of Public Provident Fund. This leads to a good amount of accumulation with extended maturity interest rate.

  3. Can I withdraw from the Public Provident Fund after the maturity extension?

    If the individual agreed for extension of Public Provident Fund even after their period extended. They can only withdraw 60 percent of the total. The withdrawal process taken forward through an official process online or by reaching the nearest Public Provident Fund office.

  4. How much can I withdraw from the Public Provident Fund before maturity?

    The individual can withdraw up to 50% of account balance as per the end of every 4th financial year. These calculation preferred to whichever is nearest one and the amount may sent to individual account.