One Family One Job Scheme 2024 for Sikkim Unemployed

Government of India along with collaboration with Sikkim State Government has brought One Family One Job Scheme in every department. This scheme taken up by Sikkim State Government to bring enough opportunities to Indian youth.

Any youth whose family has not been in government sector can apply for applicable government job under this One Family One Job Scheme. There are certain eligibility criteria which must pass by every individual. Based on that they can easily use the online facility to apply for jobs.

The scheme registration form is available online and needs to fill and submit in the respective department to seek better job opportunities.

One Family One Job Scheme

The Government has brought an equal option for all kinds of jobs in the Government sector. The jobs such as peon, hospital ward, home guard, chowkidar, assistant in the department and more various posts available to apply.

Employee opportunities are available for basic to assistant level available for individuals to apply through One Family One Job Scheme. The main objective of scheme is to bring permanent job for youth from poor families to ensure good livelihood in future.


The individual who wants to apply for employment through the scheme can check eligibility from below-given points.

  • Only one individual from a family will be eligible under this scheme
  • Applicant should be between 18 to 55 years of age
  • Individual must be a resident of state by domicile
  • Individuals should not be holding any job in prior
  • Minimum SSC degree has to be for qualification

Required Documents

The individual who has gone through eligibility criteria must get the below said documents during the registration process. These documents are mandatory to apply for the job.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Caste certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Education Certificate
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Residential Certificate

One Family One Job Scheme in Sikkim

Sikkim state government is one of the first states in India to implement the Scheme. They have brought jobs for over 15000 youth in previous year. It’s all taken through an adhoc basis in various government departments.

Through these schemes they have got good support to poor families by bridging 1 member of their family. It is holding a permanent Government Job. The scheme now add in the regular budget session. It is all to support families by giving various basic government jobs to young people.

How to Apply for One Family One Job Scheme

The individual who got the eligibility and the documents prepared, can get application form online. The form filled in and has submitted to their revenue office. This is an official Government process. The entire documentation is through Government Office which may revenue office or municipal office.

There are no direct government links provided by the central or state government for the Scheme. Thus the individual has to make use of government offices in their zone to submit the application.

Hopefully till an official portal released, the job application process through offline mode only. It’s already clear that government jobs online, as to maintain their secure layer not get misused easily.

Register for One Family One Job Scheme in Sikkim

If you’re youth from Sikkim state, then directly apply for Government job as below through One Family One Job Scheme online which my soon allow the registration is online. For more details, please visit

What if someone misuses the One Family One Job Scheme?

The One Family One Job Scheme verified strongly, If any misuse of these opportunities observed, then an official complaint lodged . It’s against individual by making ineligible for One Family One Job Scheme in future and strict action as per law.

Does the One Family One Job Scheme offer a permanent job?

The individual who secure job through One Family One Job Scheme given a permanent job option in respective Government department. The job will be permanent, holding a fixed income to the family for their future.

Is the One Family One Job Scheme for all states?

As per current updates, the job option through One Family One Job Scheme is only for Sikkim state youth. Thus other state youth have to grab seats and wait for implementation of One Family One Job Scheme to benefit.

Is job preference in One Family One Job Scheme by caste?

The One Family One Job Scheme is Government scheme which looks at Residential / Caste Certificate first while allocating Jobs. Thus if your caste has got good reservation in state, then there are good chances to get job under scheme.

Why don’t other state don’t bring the One Family One Job Scheme?

The One Family One Job Scheme does bring lot of effort from Government to provide jobs for individuals in family. Thus, states with a large population in India working hard to bring some easy rules. It is all to implement One Family One Job Scheme, as maintaining such a scheme does take lot of budget.

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