Link Aadhaar & PAN Number by SMS for Income Tax

Income Tax department allowed the Tax Payer to link Aadhaar number with PAN on SMS, just check the syntax and the process of flow to link on SMS…

The Regulation of the Income Tax Department has been made clear that every individual having a profile in the Income Tax must have to get their KYC to update successful, and the linking of Aadhaar with PAN in Online or through SMS has been made mandatory, failing to do so will have consequences in their Income Tax returns filing.

There is also a process to link your Aadhar card number along with the PAN number for Income Tax Department through the message process, So just use the below-given option to send an SMS with your registered mobile number to link your official KYC.

Link Aadhaar & PAN Number

Link Aadhaar to PAN by SMS

  • Open your message box with your registered mobile number
  • Click on New Message and then Type as shown in the below line
    • UID PAN 12 digit Aadhaar Number PAN Number
  • Send this message to the 567678 or 56161 to free number
Message Format to Link PAN & Aadhaar SMS Send To

AXXXX11XX is your PAN Number
1234XXXXYYYY is your Aadhaar Number
567678 or 56161
SMS Format for Income Tax PAN and Aadhaar Link

That’s it, Make sure you have a minimum account balance. As this message will charge you a minimal amount as per SMS charges applied. The updated successful message may sent as a return SMS once the validation made.

Is it mandatory to Update Aadhaar with PAN Number?

As per the government directive and Income Tax Department, this made it mandatory to update the Aadhaar Number with PAN number. Aadhaar is a key KYC document for every individual. This contain most of their details, having linked with a primary Income Tax profile is mandatory.

What happens if PAN does not link with Bank Account?

The Bank Account must link with your PAN number. It is all to make any primary cash deposit or withdrawal of more than 50,000 Rs need a PAN number. If your FD exceeds the minimal amount, PAN is mandatory and update your Bank account as per Income Tax Directives.

Is Mobile Number with Aadhaar Link mandatory for Income Tax?

Yes, as to link you and valid your Aadhar number with Income Tax Profile, your mobile number link with your Aadhar card. Where the OTP received for e Verification will make your Income Tax profile valid.