PAN Card for Foreign Citizen now Apply in Online

In this article, we will bring you some details about how to get a PAN card for Foreign citizen with quick steps, where PAN card largely used for financial transactions and income tax purposes.

Foreign nationals may be eligible to apply for a PAN card by adhering to the necessary steps outlined by the Income Tax Department of India, if they have taxable income in India or if they require a PAN for other financial activities.

Unless they have taxable income in India or participate in specific financial operations that necessitate a PAN, foreign residents are typically not eligible to receive a PAN (Permanent Account Number) card in India.

PAN Card for Foreign Citizen

PAN Card for Foreign Citizen

For specific financial transactions, such as investing in India, foreign nationals must apply PAN card online and here is the process which you can follow and get the PAN card for NRI.

  1. Visit UTIITSL PAN Card webpage
  2. Select as PAN card for Citizen and NRI from below services
  3. Tap on New PAN Card (form 49A) and select Mode of Authentication
  4. Now follow the instruction and start filling the form
  5. Make sure to select NRI at top to process as per Foreign Citizen
  6. Once Application filled, Verify the details and make the payment
  7. Atheisation your identity with required documentation online
  8. Download the submitted application form for reference
  9. Once approved, PAN card may delivered to the communication address
  10. Else the status may seen from same official website

This process will be similar for every individual who is having an extra income from India but stays in another country as a resident.

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Documents Required for Foreign Citizen to Apply PAN Card

Here is the list of documents that may attached to verify your identity while filling the application.

  • Proof of identity (passport)
  • Proof of address (foreign address)
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Additional documents as specified in the form’s instructions


Can a foreign national use their PAN card to prove their identity?

Even though a PAN card is primarily used for tax purposes and occasionally recognised as acceptable identification in a variety of contexts, including opening a bank account and engaging in financial transactions.

Is PAN card require in India for foreign national?

The possession of a PAN card in India not required for all foreign nationals. A PAN card, however, becomes necessary if they carry out specific financial operations or have taxable income in India.

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How long does it take for foreign citizens to get a PAN card?

Receiving the PAN card typically takes a few weeks to a few months, though processing times can vary.

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