LIC Premium Payment via Phonepe App Wallet Balance or IB

Don’t go to LIC branch office or any agent to pay Life Insurance premium, Just login to your Phonepe app and complete your LIC payment from your wallet balance or with linked bank account or drecit, debit or IB source, Check how to find the receipt for LIC premium paid and any discount offers for LIC payment…

Life Insurance Corporation of India, well known as LIC of India is owned by the government of India, and in this corporation, the citizens of India can register policies under their name or someone in their family which can be used as a return back after premiums are paid, and in this article we will learn more about how you can make your payments through PhonePe for LIC.

In the past we used to pay the payments for LIC via an agent or by directly going to a branch office, but as the LIC modern online premium payment methods have increased, payment making has become easier. You might have already installed the app Phone Pe on your Smartphone and might have used it previously as well, and in the same manner you can make LIC premium payment with Phone Pe app directly as well.

PhonePe as you know has become a famous UPI payment application all across India with more than millions of transactions occurring every day, and in order to enable the swift payment of LIC premium for all the LIC customers, has launched in the app payment section.

Though this you can directly make any premium payment for LIC Premium via Phone Pe right away which is a lot easier method than making Internet Banking transactions as well.

How to Pay LIC Premium Outstanding with PhonePe

  1. Open Phonepe application on your mobile (If not installed, try to install first)
  2. Scroll down and go to Recharge & Pay Bills section
  3. Have a look at LIC Premium icon and click on that
  4. Enter your LIC Policy Number
  5. Submit Email id
  6. Click Confirm
  7. Your outstanding premium due will be displayed (If not having any due, it shows an error as a display message for not having any premium due under your policy)
  8. Select Confirm and Pay Now with your required payment gateway.
LIC Premium Payment through PhonePe App
Will I get PhonePe LIC Payment offers during payment?

It depends on the offer if there is one as per Phone Pe and if there is no offer for the LIC Premium payment during that month then there will be no offers for the payment you make.

Is there a discount offer for LIC Premium payment via PhonePe?

There can be a discount for users who want to make LIC Premium payment via Phone Pe but you have to check with the PhonePe offers page on the same and if there is any you will avail the discount, and a the same time, the discount associated will be rewarded in the cashback to your PhonePe account directly that will be redirected to the bank account.

I cannot find my LIC Premium payment receipt on PhonePe

You cannot find your LIC Premium payment receipt on PhonePe because the application is only your payment method and you will receive payment details and transaction number associated with Phone Pe, and you can find the premium receipt from LIC India official website directly.