Claim LIC Death Insurance for Traditional or Term Plan

How to claim LIC policy for Death Insurance on having a traditional plan, check the defined procedure for early settlement of LIC death insurance claim, Is it mandatory to provide original policy copy for claim and What to do if lost the original policy document…

LIC Death Insurance Claim

The death claim settlement of Life Insurance related to the subscribed traditional or Term insurance plan is a little complex than the said maturity claim settlement.

The nominee or authorized family person of the deceased policyholder must follow the steps with the defined procedure as below for the death claim settlement of LIC India on a priority basis.

Claim LIC Death Insurance

Fill in the LIC Death Claim Intimation Form

Whenever the situation of death Insurance claim arises, the nominee or claimant needs to inform the same to the Life Insurance Corporation, and how the company start the process of death claim settlement without any information given by the nominee or family member after the death of the policyholder.

The process of informing the insurance company about the requirement of the death claim settlement is called DEATH CLAIM INTIMATION, and in this, the insured claimant needs to provide the necessary information as required

LIC Death Claim Intimation consists

  1. Policy Number of Life Insurance Corporation
  2. Name of the person insured under LIC
  3. Date of death
  4. Place of death
  5. Cause of death
  6. Name of the claimant and other

Collection of required Documents for LIC death claim

This death claim intimation or notification form can be obtained from the agent of the Life Insurance Corporation from whom the policy was taken or from the nearby branch of the insurance company from which the insurance was taken, and also make this form available online, which can be downloaded and printed if required.

Different insurance companies asks for different kinds of the document for the claim settlement process, but most of the companies ask for the following documents in common related for all traditional or Term insurance plans

LIC Death Insurance Claim Documents

  1. Original Life Insurance policy document
  2. A statement of support by the Claimant
  3. Death certificate of the LIC policyholder
  4. Report of the post mortem examination (If required)
  5. FIR lodged with the police (If required)
  6. If the reason of death happens to be accident, certificate or records issued by the doctor/hospital in which the person died and an advance discharge form.
  7. Medical Certificate
  8. ID proof of the beneficiary
  9. Cremation certificate
  10. Employer certificate (If required)

The most difficult part of making the LIC death insurance claim settlement is the collection of the required documents in any kind of traditional or Term insurance plan, but if you have gathered all the documents in time, submit them to LIC India branch insurance office without any loss of time.

More the time you waste in submitting the documents, the more is the delay in the death insurance claim settlement, and even it sometimes even complicates the process, and No insurance company LIC or other never settles the death insurance claim without prior documentation and collection of related documents.

LIC Death Insurance Claim Procedure

Now it is the time the Life Insurance Corporation takes the call for the final death claim settlement in traditional or Term plan, It has been made mandatory by Regulation 8 of the IRDA (Policy Holder’s Interest) Regulations, 2002 that the insurance company must settle the claim under 30 days of receiving all the required documents, where the regulation has made the process really quick.

If somehow, the information or the submitted documents are found to be at fault, LIC India has to inform the same to the claimant and must investigate and settle the death insurance claim under a time span of 6 months, and where actually, the time of claim settlement is calculated from the date on which the written application for the death claim is made.

I think the process of making an death insurance claim related to traditional or Term insurance plan is quite clear to you by now, Remember, while making a death insurance claim from LIC India or any other Insurance, you must not wait for too long.

All the policyholders must keep the original policy document at the secure place, and the death claim and maturity claim both require one to submit the original copies of the same, and it is very difficult to get the final settlement claim if one has lost the original Life Insurance policy documents.

So in the nutshell, the step-by-step procedure regarding death claim settlement of traditional or LIC Term insurance plan has been elaborated, and we hope that every policyholder of Life Insurance Corporation of India will be benefited from the vital information stated above, and if having any doubts, please call LIC customer care for more information of Death claim insurance.

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  1. My wife Vasan Laxmi was dead in March 2021 with sarcoma I applied with all documents for claim in April but till no response policy no 686014970

  2. My Father expired on 13/08/2020 due to old age I on behalf of my Mother who is a nominee sent original policy along with all documents to your Mumbai Office policy no is 906394xxx(Jeevan Akshay Dhara) pl do the needfull I am giving my son s emailid

  3. Respected Sir,
    Please let me know the progress of the death claim of Policy No.57XXXXXXX of Smt.A Krishnaveni since deceased.

    A Ananda Rao
    Husband and Nominee
    Mobile No.7008742208

  4. My father in law passed away on 23.05.2020, due natural old age, but to Covid we got a death certificate from EAST DELHI MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY very very late in OCT 2020 and we applied to LIC KG MARG NEW DELHI BRANCH for the claim on 22,02 2021.with all documents and forms filled and certified by the LIC Agent . We have not recd./ heard any claim from LIC after 8 weeks.HIS policies were all JEEVAN AKSHAY no. 110262317,11306935 and 11310615. Due to LOCKDOWN can not visit the office and myself is 79 years old

  5. My father in law died on 18 th nov.2020 policy no.950931365
    death claim submitted in the month of feb 14 not yet known status. no one is co operating in the office.not possible to go frequently as it is too far from my village.almost 30km.n no transpotation in these covid days.
    not given any aknowlegdement. how to know status.


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