Jamabandi Mutation Online, Check Orders & Status of Deeds

Jamabandi mutation available online, Find orders and status of the deeds from Jamabandi portal using jamabandi.nic.in…

Record of Right of property in every revenue estate recorded in Jamabandi portal. Jamabandi does consist of information such as development, the current status of possession, soil type, and other important rights. Revenue Agency does update the modifications made on the land in the Jamabandi Haryana online portal regularly, once the revenue office validates the changed records.

The services such as mutation, Jamabandi Nakal, a record of rights, and others are available through the Jamabandi portal, which does take a longer time by visiting the revenue office. The portal is designated to provide service to the state citizens and make them get land details in an easier way.

Jamabandi Mutation

How to Check Jamabandi Mutation Online

To get the mutation details from the Jamabandi, you can follow the below-given steps and get the details quickly on your screen.

  1. Open Jamabandi portal jamabandi.nic.in
  2. Now click on Mutation Tab from the menu options provided
  3. Select View mutation orders and wait for the page to load
  4. Enter the details by selecting Tehsil
  5. Type Mutation Type, date
  6. Once filled, click on submit button to fetch the mutation details

Jamabandi Mutation Status

The online mutation status applied and updated in the portal quickly by revenue official, once application received. Follow the below-provided steps and get the mutation online status.

  1. Search and Visit the official Jamabandi portal using jamabandi.nic.in
  2. Click on Mutation Tab from the home menu to open the options
  3. Here select ‘Mutation Status’ and then wait to load the page
  4. Now select District, Tehsil, Registry Number, and date from drop-down
  5. Once filled click on Search button to get the online mutation status

What is Jamabandi Mutation in detail?

Mutation is the process which carried out once a property registered with a new owner name. Mutation indicates changes which brought in ownership and title of land in revenue records.

What happens if I don’t raise mutation of property?

As per the government orders, an owner who has got their property register with their name in revenue office has to raise a Mutation to update in municipal records. This is mandatory and delay in raising mutation will have the same previous owner name in all municipal records.

Is mutation necessary to sell a property?

Mutation is a process of updating the records once a registration process done in the revenue office. During the process of sale of property, it’s not mandatory as it has to update only after the registration.

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