IDA Arrears Calculator, Enter Basic Pay & Get Dearness Allowance Arrears

Calculate IDA Arrears instantly on revised IDA for CPSE employees for pay scales related to pay 2007 & 2017. Here we present two calculators to check the IDA arrears of different CPSE employees under 2007 and 2017 pay scales, which was frozen during Covid, but released now. Have a look at the above and check the arrears which has to pay.

The rates of IDA payable to the Board level and below Board level executives and non-unionized supervisors of CPSEs have been indicated. The revised rates of Dearness Allowance payable to the executives and non-unionized supervisors of CPSEs are as follows on revised pay scales.

IDA Arrears Calculator
Date from Increased % of DA for 2017 Pay Scales 2007 Pay Scales DA% Increased
01.07.2021 2.5% (24.7%)3.3% (173.8%)
01.10.2021 1.5% (27.2%)5.5% (179.3%)

The increased / revised Dearness allowance rates may paid to every employee by that Public Sector Undertaking company in the coming month’s (may be in November 2021 pay bill) salary. With this, the employee will get 5 months IDA at revised rates as Arrears.

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