ICAR Pay Slip at ICAR ERP Portal icarerp.iasri.res.in

Use the ICAR ERP portal to login to HRMS to generate the new pay slip in online, Check the earnings and deductions for NPS, CGEGIS and other generated in salary slip through payroll of ICAR, Find the possibilities about the ICAR ERP login access on Internet…

ICAR ERP Salary Slip

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a large department which is managed under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, and the employees under ICAR are now having an option to check their earnings in Payslip which allow to download in online through ERP, and along with Pay Slip there are several other links that are available for employees to access a lot of government features through online mode.

Through the new initiative with an online website for ICAR employees, it has become an efficient time for the financial department for providing the payment sheet for all employees working under ICAR has reduced the time of supplying the Payslip offline.

What does an ICAR Salary Slip Contain?

An employee needs to check their payment sheet regularly to keep the below listed parts tracked monthly, and this lets you know what changes have been made to your monthly salary and can know how much increments or deductions are done monthly, and the earnings and deduction section will calculate to get the Net Pay, which is the amount deposited to the employee account.

  • Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, House rental allowance, Transport Allowance, NPS employer contribution comes under the earning section of an ICAR PaySlip.
  • National Pension Scheme, Tax deduction, Central Government Employee Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) comes under total deduction.

In this guide you will come to know to login to ICAR Pay Slip website and proceed to download the Pay Slip, and we bring you a detailed step wise process to login the ICAR official website for the employees of Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

ICAR ERP Pay Slip Download

  1. Use the link icar.org.in to access the ICAR official website
  2. Go to Employee Corner option
  3. Click on ICAR ERP to display Login Page of employee (Select this option form at top second implementing the FMS and MIS in ICAR, let Employee page open in new Tab or use the direct link http://icarerp.iasri.res.in)
  4. Fill the Username and Password generated while registration with ICAR
  5. Once Login credentials are verified, you will be taken to Employee Page
  6. Here select Pay Slip option and select the Month of payment sheet to generate
  7. Your select month ICAR Pay Slip will now be displayed, which can now be downloaded or printed using the option provided.
Register ICAR ERPReset ICAR ERP Login PasswordRecover ICAR ERP MIS Login Username

All the employees of ICAR, where the Director Staff, Principal Scientists, Senior Scientists, Scientist and other employees can use the same Financial Management System (ICAR ERP) login to generate ICAR Pay Slip.