IFMS Gujarat Registration and Login for Government Employee

IFMS Gujarat platform created as employee recognition management system. It integrates all employees to have proper guidance with their management in the growing state of Gujarat.

IFMS Gujarat

As you already know, IFMS an essential part of any management system to have a particular one for their employees. In the same aspect Gujarat IFMS designed and released.

IFMS stands for Integrated Financial Management System which is a part of the Finance Department of Gujarat. This is an initiative where all employees provide their account details to help them make the management of their salaries, payslips, leaves, and approvals in aligned way that is one step away from them and can access from the IFMS official website.

In this article we will guide on the steps required to register your Gujarat IFMS account.

We all have heard about Gujarat being with most organized cities in India. This city is also known for providing employees with great benefits. One among them is the use of an online employee portal through which their employee can access the HRMS platform.

The Gujarat Directorate of Treasuries and accounts has made the initiative to start the online employee portal. All the employees can access features such as Pension, Salary slip and pay slip information, money audits, leave tracking and other benefits that you can avail for free.

We all know how important having a receipt of salary slip. This is one of the reasons why this platform enabled for faster communication and employee benefit at the end of the day.

So assuming that you are one of the employees from the government of Gujarat working in one of the sectors. Then, you can follow the below instructions which will show you how easily you can log into their employee portal.

How to Login to Gujarat IFMS Portal

  1. Open your browser, click on this Link
  2. From the left sidebar of the homepage click on IFMS option and this redirect you to a new page
  3. On this new page, Enter User ID and Password as asked (You will receive details from your organization via email)
  4. Then click on the login button and this will load IFMS employee portal.
  1. I cannot login into my Gujarat IFMS employee portal?

    There can be a lot of reasons why you might not be able to log into your account. Starting with account User ID might wrong and in case, simply check the User ID from your email address. In case the password is wrong then you will have to reset the password.

  2. While logging into IFMS Gujarat Employee portal captcha image does not load

    This error occurs sometimes since the Gujarat IFMS official website is undergoing some changes and development. If error still persists then you might wait for some time or try accessing same site through a different browser.

  3. I have not received my login details in my email?

    Do not worry if you have not received your login details in your email address. The HR department takes care of all the employee details and information might have missed by mistake. In such case, simply file a message to the HR department of your organization via email or submit an offline message. They will revert back with your details in a short period of time.

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