e Challan AP to Search Penalty & Traffic e Challan Payment

Challan issuing for traffic violation now fully brought online by the state as e Challan AP. The official website built to bring easier process for traffic police in Andhra Pradesh is apechallan.org. Any challan imposed on vehicles or drivers through integrated installed camera or traffic police may directly updated in official website.

The online website does help the traffic police to track the vehicle moving on road if any violation and as well it brings a quick process for citizens who issued with an e Challan to clear their dues. Online system has made everyone strictly follow the rules of traffic, as any minute violation does lead to an e Challan.

e Challan AP Payment Online

The cuisines of Andhra Pradesh state got issue with e Challan AP, follow the steps provided below to clear the challan due online.

  1. Use link apechallan.org to load the home page of e challan of AP state
  2. Enter your Vehicle number and Enter captcha code shown
  3. Click Search and Find challan
  4. Check each challan
  5. Verify the Challans and tap on pay button by setting them
  6. Select any preferred payment mode and clear the challan dues

Andhra Pradesh State Traffic E Challan Working

The traffic police have been facing many accidents and damages on the road due to lack of manpower. As every policeman can capture the exact violation made by the loser and that made the violator into negligence. Thus the integrated system brought into consideration to allow the capture of traffic violations. There are cameras installs at every junction and crossroad, which captures every moment of the vehicle.

Any violation recorded in the system through camera may sent to the nearest zone office of traffic police. Thus a traffic police officer will verify the picture and based on the image capture, E Challan AP may issued to the vehicle number. The update of e challan issued on vehicle number directly updated to the vehicle owner through the registered mobile number.

Once the amount of e Challan AP received by defaulter, the priority of default is to verify details from official website and check the picture upload based on which e challan issued. If the e challan image is proper, then you must proceed to make the plummet and clear your dues. In case the image blurred, or It don’t belong to your vehicle number, this may reported to traffic police with the complaint option.

How to Raise AP eChallan Complaint?

The Andhra Pradesh state government does bring an option of Complaint in Andhra Pradesh E Challan to provide service to citizens. Using the option the below said complaint may report to traffic police. You may complaint on Fake Number Plate, Wrong challan, and Payment Issue

  1. Visit Andhra Pradesh State E Challan official website apechallan.org
  2. Tap on Complaint from the top right of the home page
  3. Select the Complaint Type and enter vehicle number
  4. Provide Your Name, Mobile number, and Email in the same page
  5. Submit the details after verifying the details entered
  6. That’s it, the E Challan AP complaint submitted and the respective team will check your issue in quicker time. Based on the list of complaints, your case taken up and a respective solution will be provided.

How to avoid Andhra Pradesh State E Challan?

The strict traffic rules written by traffic police has to follow by every vehicle driver. To avoid E Challan AP state, it requires to read traffic rules and follow even if any police not near. As with the updated technology, along with a traffic police there are cameras viewing your violation made on the road.

How soon will Andhra Pradesh State E Challan may paid?

After receiving an SMS from the Andhra Pradesh State E Challan with the amount of challan. This may paid within 2 week from the date of generation to avoid any consequences. If there is a delay in payment, then a penalty imposed on your vehicle number which increases your challan amount.

What if I don’t pay the AP e Challan amount?

Any defaulter who is not paying the Andhra Pradesh State E Challan dues, may taken into blacklist by traffic police. If they find the vehicle traveling on road, it may seized. Also, the driver of vehicle moved to court for further judgment based on their violation.

How can I report the wrong e Challan issued?

There are certain cases, where fake number plate or blur image of camera issued E Challan AP to innocent drivers. In such a case, the driver must reach the nearest traffic police station and provide their justification with proof. Based on the proof provides, the e challan issued may cancel.

Who decides the AP e Challan Amount?

The Government of Andhra Pradesh state with traffic police department does decide the amount of e challan. The amount of e challan will differ with the rules violated by the individual on the road. The amount will start from Rs 100. The fine can go to any high amount based on the violation without considering the traffic rules.

Is it approved to have fancy number plates in AP state?

As per Andhra Pradesh State traffic police rules, it is strictly not allow to have fancy number plates to vehicle. Every vehicle driving on the road must have the number plate in the format issued by RTO department only.