Reset PNB Login Password and User ID Online

Let’s do find the new steps to reset the PNB login password and recover User Id online when forgot to use Internet banking service, Check the password generation steps as per the new policy…

Punjab National Bank is a national bank of India, having spread its branches across the corner, where Banking is a growing stream these days and many customers do save their money in reputed banks.

This Punjab National Bank does give access many services to their customer through online nd having an increase after merging the other two banks (OBC and UBI), by which they can even have their account and do the more transactions in online, Where the customers can generate the Internet banking forgot login password in online with simple steps if required.

The process to move to a branch and get the details submitted is not at all required, if you do have a Punjab National Bank Registered User ID, then it is very easy to reset or create new login password which is uniquely assigned to every customer which is associated in Punjab National Bank, Let’s have a look at the process to reset password and recover user id.

How to Reset PNB Net Banking Login Password Online

  1. Open website > PNB > Click Retail Internet Banking
  2. Enter User ID > Continue > Click Forgot Password
  3. Provide User ID > Click Submit
  4. Enter Received One Time Password received on your registered mobile number
  5. Click Continue
  6. Enter Debit Card Number and PIN > Click Continue
  7. Set your Login Password (6-28 characters of alphanumeric + special character)
  8. Set your Transaction Password ( If required) in the same format, but differ from login password
  9. Finally, you will get a message “Password Changed Successfully”
  10. Click Continue to Login (If required to login)
PNB Net Banking Login Password Reset

Find PNB User ID Online

  1. Go to PNB net banking portal at
  2. Click PNB > Retail Internet Banking (Available at Top Right)
  3. Click Forgot User ID
  4. Enter Account Number > Click Verify
  5. Provide the OTP received on your mobile for validation
  6. Click Submit > Find User ID displayed on the screen
Find PNB User ID Online

If the above process is not aware, then the users may check their account passbook front page for default user ID also known as Customer ID allotted to their bank account.

Can users recover their PNB user id with a mobile number?

Yes, customers who have already created their account in Punjab National Bank can get their User ID recovered using the only option provided in the internet banking website, Customers must have registered mobile number to get the user id generated.

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Why is a Login Password required to access PNB portal?

As every customer does have a user id and it is associated with a unique password, and the password does give access to online account service by which customers can perform as many transactions as they are required. It is secure to access the online account unless your password is being shared.

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Why is my Punjab National Bank User ID blocked?

This happens many times, if the customer has used the wrong password more than 5 times. The User ID account will get blocked and users will not be able to access it, even if they have got the correct password. Customers need to wait for 24 hours of time or should get the password reset done online to activate their account again.

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Is the User ID of Punjab National Bank the same as the Customer ID?

Yes, the customer ID is an ID created by the Punjab National Bank while the customer has created their account. This is used to access the number of accounts being managed by the customer and thus they all get aligned to one user id.

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Is a Credit Card Required to Activate the User ID?

The user ID activation process is done online and customers who are doing it must have their Debit Card to verify their details. In correct format, only the debit card is being asked to verify the identity of the customer and on successful submission of this, the user ID will be activated by the branch online.

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