NPS Grievance Registration & View Grievance Status Online

Register NPS Grievance online and Find the compliant status itself in the page applicable for National Pension Scheme subscribers and Entities…

National Pension scheme subscribers can register with their coming through the complaints and arrogance CSS link form the official website. The NPS authority will look at the online and call center along with physically submitted complaints at priority, which avoids a lot of paperwork and long queues in the office.

The National Pension Scheme has got a responsive, quick and accessible grievance redressal system which does allow the compliance to look on priority. NPS Grievance raised through the central grievance management system or through NPS CRA call center service.

NPS Grievance

Online mode of service to the NPS subscriber has been a good approach, which has avoid long queues and quick resolving of complaints with a timely managing system. The details of the complaint updated to the registration number to update subscribers in a timely manner.

NPS Grievance Online Registration

National Pension Scheme subscribers can register with the online grievance system from the Official website. Here is the process which one can follow and get the registration of complaints in NPS.

  1. Open your browser page with
  2. Click on Grievance/ Enquiry Status
  3. Enter the Token Number and PRAN number
  4. Provide Registered Mobile number
  5. Click Search
  6. Provide the details
  7. Attach Documents, Click Upload button
  8. Note down the reference / Grievance number

NPS Grievance Status

The details of status timely uploaded in the NPS portal with respect to the token number generated during the registration. Here is the detailed process which may used to check the NPS Grievance status.

  1. Visit the official website CRA NPS using
  2. Now click on Grievance/ Status option from the menu options
  3. Provided the Token number if Grievance raised before 2018
  4. Else provide all details of PRAN and mobile number
  5. Enter the captcha code and Click on Search button
  6. That’s it, the information relates to the token number for the grievance clearly updated in the portal. Subscriber can check the status and know exact details of the complaint raised with NPS.

Types of NPS Grievance

The subscriber of NPS scheme can lodge their complaint through the online or any mode of service for the list of options defined below.

  1. Non Receipt of PRAN and unable to download PRAN card
  2. Re issue of PRAN card
  3. Issue of I PIN or T PIN
  4. Subscriber details modification
  5. Change of persons and nomination details
  6. Request for shifting of subscriber
  7. Contribution delayed by Nodal office
  8. Non receipt of transaction statement
  9. Withdraw request list of pending

How the token number generate from NPS Grievance?

Every time a subscriber raises a complaint through online NPS portal or through the call center service, a complaint registered and with respect to it a token number generated. These numbers will be only a reference to check the status in future.

Can I raise a complaint of NPS Grievance through a call?

The NPS Grievance registered by calling the toll free number provided by the NSDL. The complaint processed once the subscriber authenticates his identity and then the respective complaint taken into consideration. A token number sent to the registered mobile number of the subscriber.

How to submit NPS Grievance offline?

The subscriber can move to the POP SP office in their zone and submit the physical document to register their complaint with NPS. The process is quick if there is no queue in the office and the token number handed over to the subscriber through a receipt of acknowledgement for successful registration of NPS Grievance.

What to do if my complaint not taken forward?

If the NPS Grievance taken into consideration even after registration the complaint online. The subscriber can escalate to the NPS Trust through email or letter which has been provided on the official website to the NPS Grievance redressal officer. This option has to opt only if your NPS Grievance not taken forward through an online or call center.

How will NPS Grievance resolved?

Once a subscriber raises a complaint through NPS Grievance option, the complaint sent to the entity through the system generated alert. Once the issue resolved the updated information sent through alert to the registered mobile number. Entity will resolve the grievance based on the complaint and then update the resolution information.

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