What is the Use of GSC Number in Sakala Portal

Use of GSC Number in Sakala

Guarantee Service Citizen if shortly referred as GSC which misses the Guarantee Service Citizen Number from State Government of Karnataka. The GSC number issued to the citizen of Karnataka State once they submit Service Request in the department. The citizen services form Sakala Karnataka portal may used, and on each service which may use by

What is RI in Nadakacheri

RI in Nadakacheri

RI in Nadakacheri RI referred as Revenue Inspector who will be looking at all submitted applications from the official website of Nadakacheri and as well through offline. The Revenue inspector will verify the applications of caste and income certificate along with other applications submitted. Nadakacheri Karnataka Caste Certificate What is GSC Number Once verified, they

What is Karnataka RTC and the Services

Karnataka RTC

The Karnataka RTC is all about the online services of land records, maps, and other important information. The Karnataka government does bring new technology to bring every useful information to be provided to citizens at their fingertips. Checking land records, maps, mutation deals and other related services of land are available online. The Karnataka RTC

Can I Change my Income in Income Certificate of Nadakacheri

Change my Income in Income Certificate

Clear your doubt about Can I change my Income in Income certificate in Karnataka of Nadakacheri. Check how to apply and how to correct… Income Certificate is an official document and declaration from the local revenue department about the income status of the family? This document issued by the revenue department, does stand as an

Sakala (ಸಕಲ) – What do you Mean & How Works in Karnataka

Karnataka Sakala Services Act

The Government of Karnataka in 2011 created a new online portal and organization based on the Karnataka Sakala Services Act with incorporated with NIC as well, through which the citizens across the state will be able to access different public services and apply to them directly from online. If you are a citizen of Karnataka,

What is the Validity of Income Certificate in Karnataka

Validity of Income Certificate

Karnataka State government does issue income certificates for the applicant based on their provided documents. The Revenue Inspector does verify the details of every applicant by either visiting or checking their details thoroughly. Income certificate is a must for admission in Government schools, higher education with scholarship, short scale industry setup, applying for government jobs

Domicile Certificate – How Can I get in Karnataka

Domicile Certificate

Domicile Certificate in Karnataka also referred as Residential certificate is an important document for providing your residence proof. There are many departments such as school admission, college admission, applying for jobs, local membership and various other programs where a Domicile certificate is a must. Karnataka State Government launched Nadakacheri official website, which allows applicants to