What is the Use of GSC Number in Sakala Portal

Guarantee Service Citizen if shortly referred as GSC which misses the Guarantee Service Citizen Number from State Government of Karnataka. The GSC number issued to the citizen of Karnataka State once they submit Service Request in the department.

The citizen services form Sakala Karnataka portal may used, and on each service which may use by citizens, a unique GSC number generated.

Use of GSC Number in Sakala
Use of GSC Number in Sakala

What is GSC no in Sakala?

As you know Sakala is a new online portal for online applications and acknowledgment of services, so the GSC is Guarantee service citizen number that is an acknowledgment of the application by the citizen.

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GSC is a 15 digit unique number which is unique for all department services uniquely specified in the Sakala portal of Karnataka state. To provide better service to citizens for their state, this service portal launched with all departments on one page.

Under Karnataka Sakala service Act 2011 and amendment act 2014, there are department of Transport, commerce & industries, personnel & admin reforms, Bangalore development, rugs control, bangle water supply & sewerage, Karnataka housing board, information & public relations, higher education, commercial tax, commissioner of public instruction, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike and revenue department covered under these online services.

Citizens of Karnataka state can utilize these online portals and get their service request for listed departments directly with their issues & concerns.

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