Sakala (ಸಕಲ) – What do you Mean & How Works in Karnataka

The Government of Karnataka in 2011 created a new online portal and organization based on the Karnataka Sakala Services Act with incorporated with NIC as well, through which the citizens across the state will be able to access different public services and apply to them directly from online.

If you are a citizen of Karnataka, then you would delighted because ಸಕಲ has 375 different services under it which every citizen can access and apply which is really an empowering act. In this article, we will learn more about the Sakala act, its services and how someone can use it.

What is GSC Number Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate

How does ಸಕಲ Karnataka Work?

If you are wondering, what Sakala actually does then in brief, it is an act of services where all the services are available for citizens across their new online portal Through this online portal. Every citizen will receive a 15 digit acknowledgment PIN number called as Guarantee of Services to Citizen (GSC) whenever someone applies and registers for a particular service.

You can use this GSC number in order to check your application status and even download the final approved application or certificates as requested from online.

List of Services under Sakala (ಸಕಲ)

One of the most important things to understand and know is the number of departments and their particular services which listed under the services of Sakala that citizens can apply and use.

According to Karnataka Sakala Services Act, 375 different services available on the online platform which may accessed from their official portal from the link

Furthermore you do not need to apply offline or separately from the list of departments for their exclusive services because with the GSC, you can simply go to the ಸಕಲ official portal and apply for any service you want.

  1. What is the Sakala(ಸಕಲ) Karnataka Act?

    The government of Karnataka in 2011, launched the ಸಕಲ Act under which every citizen is able to receive the right to public services and apply, check their status and do more from their online portal.

  2. How do I check my Sakala Status?

    Once you have applied for a certificate, then you would have received your 15 digit GSC number and you can go back to the online portal, click on certificate and check application status where you need to enter the GSC 15 digit number to check your Sakala status.

  3. What does Sakala GSC Number mean?

    The Sakala(ಸಕಲ) portal has provided a 15 digit number to all the citizens who apply for any service certificate and application, through which they will be able to check their application status and furthermore.