Military Leave in Canada and Types of Leave

Canadian Armed Forces members get some time off in their service call as Canadian Forces Leave or Military Leave in Canada and they may get it for several reasons like personal, sickness, family needs, etc. But there are some rules and regulations related to these leaves.

These rules and regulations are to give a boost to the personal and professional lives, and not to hamper them. Let us know some facts about these leaves

Military Leave in Canada

Military Leaves Granted for

Many types of leaves granted under the Canadian Forces Leave, such as Sick leave, Special leave, Annual leave, Maternity leave, etc. Let us understand some of the leave types one by one

  • Sick Leave – Given when the military personnel is unwell or suffered injuries and are unable to perform their duties
  • Annual Leave – Also known by common name vacation leave. This leave generally taken for leisure or rest. The years of service and the rank of the officer both affect this type of leave. It affects payment and the number of days of leave.
  • Adoption/Maternity/Parenting Leave – The laws for this leave matched with the civilian employment standards. It helps them to balance out their responsibilities.
  • Special Leave – As the name suggests, these leaves may taken for special reasons like – family emergencies, personal reasons, events, compassionate grounds, etc.

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Procedure to Apply Military Leave in Canada

There is a definite rule and method to apply for these leaves. It starts with submitting the formal leave request and then it follows the proper officer order of approval and requires the proper documentation also. It is noted their method of application for leave differs from the Regular reserve Force members.


How many annual military leave in Canada allowed in maximum

Well, there is no definite number for this. It depends on the rank of the officer as well as the years of service.

Is there any specific process may followed or it is just as simple as putting up the application for leave?

The application request process passes through a chain of command. So, it is not a one–tiered process for sure.

Does the same rules govern the reserve as well as the regular military forces?

No, it differs in many of its aspects.

Can military personnel take leaves for reasons like family emergencies, personal reasons, etc.?

Yes, they can take leaves for special as well as personal reasons. But, the approval depends on the chain of command’s discretion.

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