Labour Department Haryana Schemes, Eligibility & Certificate Verification

Benefits, Eligibility explained about Labour Department Haryana. Check about how to apply the scheme in online and how to do certificate verification…

Haryana state government does provide various types of facilities to the workers in the state through Haryana Labour Department Yojana. There are multiple schemes operated in the state of Haryana for the welfare and development of the workers. These unorganized people stay far from the regular health benefits and other benefits which a provident fund employee does get.

Thus, to bring them enough facilities for the support in their life with providing proper financial aid and other necessary easiness for their children’s education, all these Labour Department Haryana Schemes have been organized. There are certain criteria for individuals to be registered with the scheme and various benefits accordingly.

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Labour Department Haryana

The Labour Department scheme started for the worker group of the state who put apar from regular subsidy and benefits which a regular employee does get. The scheme is to put ahead workers standard of living and give proper financial aid for the education, marriage and up-lift of their children.

These schemes also include the Chief Minister Mahila Shramik Samman Yojana for women’s and provide proper support during the Maternity along with giving enough benefits. Pension schemes for retired workers, widows and other forms of gratuity options are thus provided to each eligible worker in Haryana state and provides through Saral Haryana.

Labour Department Haryana
Labour Department Haryana

Benefits of Haryana Labour Department Yojana

Here we have listed a few of the benefits which every worker in the state ensured with through the Labour department scheme online.

  • Financial support for medical ill worker
  • Education for children’s free of cost
  • Financial support during daughter marriage
  • Leave facility during maternity
  • Medication for pregnant ladies
  • Pre-born and post-born baby facilities
  • Pension scheme for Widow Worker
  • Gratuity for employee after buying tools
  • Get cycle for worker for their travelling
  • Construction or home purchase loan facility
  • Death benefits to family in case of emergency

Scheme Eligibility

There are certain eligibility criteria for the individual to be eligible to get the benefits under the Haryana labour department scheme.

  • Individual should be a member for more than one year
  • Minimum age to be 21 to get marriage financial support
  • Worker should be between 18 to 59 years of age
  • Worker should be a resident of Haryana state

Documents Required

Here is the list of documents which require while applying for the Haryana Labour Department scheme.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Passport size photo
  • Active mobile number
  • Residential proof of Haryana

How to Apply for Labour Department Haryana Scheme

Let us describe to you the process to apply for the scheme online and quickly register to avail the benefits as a worker.

  1. Visit Labour Department
  2. Go to eServices and Tap BOCWW board
  3. Scroll down and click on the checkbox then tap on submit button to proceed
  4. Provide family ID or select don’t have Family ID to move to the next page
  5. Next, fill in the information as required in the registration form properly
  6. Provide all your details and once finalized, upload relevant documents
  7. Verify the details and documents, then click on submit button to proceed
  8. The registration form may submit and processed for verification

Haryana Labour Department Certification Verification

It’s required to verify the Labour Certification which issued by Labour Department regularly to update the information.

  1. Visit the Labour Department website link
  2. Select the certificate type and provide the registration number
  3. Submit the details and then click on to view your certification
  4. Now verify your Haryana Labour certificate issued online

Is it require to renew the Haryana Labour Department certificate?

Yes, the registered worker in Haryana state has to visit the official website of the Labour Department Haryana to renew their certificate. In the renewal granted dashboard workers have to update their details to keep their registered account active.

Can Worker login into Labour Department Haryana online?

The individual worker, who has registered themselves with the Labour Department Haryana, can generate their online credentials to visit the worker specific page. Here they can come across details of their eligible scheme along with their provided details in the scheme.

Does the Haryana Labour department is for all labour class workers?

The Labour department Haryana scheme is only for the eligible worker and they must be specifically from the state of Haryana only. No other state employee and other employees registered with different government schemes will be eligible to avail of the benefits.

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