Jammu Kashmir GPF Slip Download Online at jkfunds.nic.in

In previous the Jammu Kashmir GPF was being updated every year, which has made employees struggle to get their exact GPF slip through the Funds Originations website from the Jammu Kashmir State Government which does help them to get their GPF statement online in quick time.

Jammu Kashmir Employees with their username and password can anytime access these GPF web portals and get their latest generated report, slip along with previous years as well.

The GPF statement will be updated every month, thus this makes it Jammu Kashmir employees easier to check their PF details in the monthly updated details online or the JK pay slip along with saying being contributed in the GPF account, and any changes in the online GPF statement should be raised as a concern, so that team will work on your grievances.

So, the employee JK can download the latest generated General Provident Fund Statement which was updated as per Jammu Kashmir New GPF Interest Rates for your account under the state government by using the below provided process.

Jammu Kashmir GPF Slip

  1. Go to the Jammu Kashmir Government Funds Organisation web portal at jkfunds.nic.in
  2. Here click on Click here to login under the subscriber area box on left
  3. Fill your username and your password in the given columns
  4. Click on the login button and your details will be verified with details
  5. Once confirmed, you will be allowed to view the employee GPF page
  6. Here select the statement option and then select the month
  7. Click on generate Report and wait for it to be loaded on the screen
  8. That’s it, Jammu Kashmir General Provident Statement for the employee will now be loaded in a new window.
  9. Get the same downloaded using the option provided and verify your savings in your Jammu Kashmir GPF account.

How to get Jammu Kashmir GPF Slip Password

General Provident fund is a special service provided to every Jammu Kashmir employee who does have these services in their employment.

  1. Employee need to visit the accountant office in their department
  2. Submit their details of employment along with mobile number
  3. The details will be verified by the GPF officer along with your records
  4. Once verified, and unique username and an password will be shared with you
  5. The same can be used to access the online Jammu Kashmir GPF account page. There is no process to set the password through online, other than visiting the official website.

Does Jammu Kashmir have a different GPF website?

The online website for the general provident fund for the employees working in the Jammu Kashmir State government are the same, and employees can visit the online website of Funds origination and select the subscriber login to access the Jammu Kashmir GPF page with the credentials they have been provided.

What Jammu Kashmir Funds Origination portal will do?

The Jammu Kashmir State government has come with the online website of the Funds Origination to bring the GPF employee of all subscribes into one line, and these do help the employees to get their GPF statement online and make the government easier to disburse the statements rather than making the things offline.

When does Jammu Kashmir Online GPF get updated?

The Jammu Kashmir Funds Origination does update the GPF statement of every employee once they have got their deduction from the salary. The amount will be calculated as per the employee share and then will be accumulated in the employee GPF account.

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