Jammu Kashmir Employee Registration & Login at CPIS

Do find the predefined CPIS new registration and login process at Centralized Personnel Information System portal for Jammu Kashmir employee HRMS, allowing employee to download salary slips, check profile and more at CPIS…

The State Government of Jammu & Kashmir has initiated this Centralized Personnel Information system to bring all employee profiles as well office profiles in one database as HRMS Login, where the departments spread all over the state of Jammu & Kashmir manage their data in CPIS portal making it easier to update their details in case transfer, retirement or promotion.

A unique employee identification number is being assigned to every employee from all departments to mark them for easier reference while disburse of Salary and other employee services, and the communication of the CPIS portal is all being through email and thus every employee is advised to check their emails regularly for any updates or services.

To go to the CPIS website for Jammu Kashmir State Government employee, you need to get yourself registered first, the below registration and login process of employee ID takes after getting your email registered, so follow these details steps to get your User ID and Password for CPIS website.

How to Sign Up for Jammu Kashmir Employee HRMS Portal

  1. Visit the Jammu Kashmir Employee CPIS official website jkcpis.nic.in
  2. Click on Employee Register from the Login option of page
  3. Get your email Register with CPIS by select Email Register
  4. Enter your Employee ID, Date of Birth and PAN number / Aadhaar Number (as per employment records)
  5. Now Enter the Verification Code shown in blue box above
  6. Click on Submit button
  7. Now an Email verification may sent to your Registered Email Address, to verify the email address
  8. Now open jkcpis.nic.in and Click on Employee Register from Main Home Page
  9. Enter your Employee ID followed by Email address registered
  10. Enter the verification code as shown in box and click on Submit Button
  11. After Successfully verification of Employee ID, the detail User ID and Password may sent to the same email

To get access to various HRMS activities like download JK Payslip, the employees must associate with Jammu & Kashmir state and have to visit CPIS website, and here are easier steps that can guide you to login and access the employee through CPIS portal.

How to Login to Jammu & Kashmir HRMS (CPIS) Portal

  1. Open jkcpis.nic.in for CPIS portal page
  2. Enter your Username followed by your respective password under Login Section
  3. Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the box
  4. Click on Login button and wait for a while to reload the page for which employee associates with your account and displayed now
  5. Check your Personal Information and Salary details as well

Note:- The Password may used to access the portal must not shared with anyone. It is precisely links with your unique user id link to your employee records.

  1. How to remove duplicate Jammu & Kashmir Employee ID from CPIS portal?

    Employees who have duplicate employee ID associated with their account, need to send an email form Official ID of DDO to cpis-jk@nic.in, and the details about the two IDs need to be mentioned first and should suggest which ID to be deleted as well, and this Mail should not be sent from employee ID which will be marked as Null and ignored.

  2. Does Jammu & Kashmir CPIS portal require Mobile Number?

    At present, as the CPIS portal is designed it only requires a verified email ID of an employee which is associated with their accounts, and thus Mobile number registration is not required to access or login into Jammu & Kashmir Employee Portal rather having an email registered to account.

  3. Can Non-Government Employees get their Pay Slip from CPIS Portal?

    The CPIS portal is all assigned to State Government employment working with Jammu & Kashmir in various departments, and any non-government employee who is working for a contract basis must reach the Department office to get their payslip and other employee related information.

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  1. Dear Sir
    I am working as section officer in Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education, DDO concerned have not register us in CPIS portal nor issued any number. My spouse required my CPIS number to complete her biodata against her CPIS number, Kindly help in this regard.


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