IQ Test and Best Free IQ Test Online

What is an IQ Test

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a standardized measure of a person’s intellectual abilities. Companies, schools, and institutions use IQ tests to assess an individual’s intellectual potential.

This test accurately measures one’s cognitive abilities and intellectual potential, providing a numerical score that confidently compares their capabilities to those of others.

The cognitive domains that are evaluated by IQ test

  • Logical reasoning
  • Special awareness
  • Verbal comprehension
  • Mathematical skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills

The questions that are usually asked in an IQ test are

  1. Analogies
  2. Pattern recognition
  3. Visual puzzles
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Numerical series

The IQ test is a precise measure of an individual’s cognitive abilities, but it does not gauge their social skills, emotional intelligence, or creativity.

IQ Test Types

Over the years many researches have been made in the field of IQ tests. Some of the IQ tests are widely used all around the world. Here I am discussing just a few of them-

1. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WISC) – WAIS open is an IQ test for assessing the cognitive abilities open of adults only. This test mainly focuses on measuring the domains of individuals like working memory, verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, and processing speed.

2. Cattle culture fair intelligence test –This type of test uses non-verbal questions and abstracts. It measures the IQ across different cultural backgrounds to minimize cultural biases.

3. StanfordBinet intelligence scales- This is one of the earliest tests developed by Alfred Binet and Simon. This test measures the cognitive abilities of young ones as well as adults.

4. Raven’s progressive matrices- This is again a nonverbal test that measures abstract reasoning abilities. In this test a person is asked to select the missing fees is it to fit the given visual matrices.

5. Wechsler Open Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) –This test is designed to know the cognitive abilities of children between the age group of 6 to 16. It uses the same tools as used in WAIS, but it is tailored to the needs of children of different ages.

Note – Remember that each test has its strengths and limitations. The choice of taste must be based on various considerations like the purpose of assessment, age, cultural background, etc.

Online IQ Test sites or Tools

Nowadays when everything is online, IQ tests can also be done online too. This can be done with the help of some online tools given on the websites. But you cannot depend on these tests completely because they do not provide completely accurate information.

Moreover, online tests vary and differ from one another depending on the validity, the standardized testing procedure used, and the quality. As they are not supervised by the professionals it has an impact on its accuracy. So always use the online IQ test with caution.

However, if you want to use online IQ test sites and tools, here I am listing a few very popular and widely used sites and tools which you can use –

Mensa IQ Test

The online test of the Mensa is called Mensa Workout. Here you get a sample test which gives you an idea about what the official test might be like. Mensa is an international society that helps to identify individuals with high IQ levels.

It is a platform allowing interactions, both social and intellectual among its members through various ways like events, forums, and activities. Mensa is not having its own IQ test. It depends on the other standardized IQ tests.

This portal provides various online assessments to measure IQ. Their IQ test consists of about 20 questions. Once you solve them,you will get an approximate IQ score.

On this site, there are a series of multiple–choice questions.  These questions need to be solved in a limited period to know your IQ level.

Again, this site consists of 20 questions for measuring IQ. At the end of the test, one immediately gets the score.

What is a good IQ score?

The average IQ score is always 100. Your score is compared to this average. Most people score IQs between 85 to 115.

Is there a practice required for IQ tests?

Yes, you can practice.  Best free IQ test Mensa MEN SA.