Pay Income Tax Challan 280 Online with New Payment Process

Find the new process for Income tax challan 280 online payment to pay advance tax for individual or business forms or for others modes, Here is the detailed step by step guide on challan 280 payment process to complete the advance tax payment…

Advance Tax Payment

Indian is becoming modern now with increasing efficiency and digitization in every field of government that is making things easier for common man, Previously we had to follow the tedious process of following offline forms and filling process to complete Tax processing, but not every Income tax related

Income Tax is something every salaried employee should be looking at every day in and out, So, you might have been working with a CA or chartered accountant who usually helps people to create their Income tax for year end and apply for your Income tax refund from online,

Income Tax Challan 280 Online Payment

Most people do not know that the Income tax department has made the Challan 280 online filling available which can be used to fill all your tax details easily.

People who might be wondering that this challan 280 is only available online need not to worry because you can also download the offline form and can simply use the offline form for payment of advance tax.

Income Tax Challan 280 Online – New Payment Process

If you are wondering the process might be hard to complete your online Income tax filing, then don’t worry because it is not, Let me guide the step by step process which will allow you to complete your tax payment via online.

  1. Open
  2. Click on the Services option from the top toolbar
  3. Select the e-payment: Pay Taxes Online option which will now redirect you to the landing page to pay taxes
  4. Select the Challan No 280 from the list of challans and click on the proceed button to continue
  5. Form Selection: Select the type of form which you want to pay the tax depending on type
    • 0021 – Income Tax other than companies, i.e, Individuals
    • 0020 – Corporation Tax (Companies)
  6. Type of Payment Selection
    • Now the main thing we are doing here is paying the income tax and for that we have to select from the list of payments which are suited to you.
    • 100 – Advance Tax
    • 102 – Surtax
    • 106 – Tax on Distributed Profit
    • 107 – Tax on Distributed Income
    • 300 – Self-Assessment Tax
    • 400 – Tax on Regular Assessment
  7. Select the mode of payment from the available ones
    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • Net banking
  8. More Information: Now simply enter your PAN card details along with the year for the Income tax assessment you are applying to pay for. Just for an example consider that you want to pay for 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021 then the Assessment Year will be 2021-22.
  9. Finally, click on the Proceed step at the very bottom and then also enter the Captcha code from the image which will now redirect you to the e-payment page where you will pay via your selected mode of payment.
  10. Once done you have now successfully completed your Income tax payment

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