Submit Service Request Income Tax at eFiling Portal

Sometimes Income tax assesses may have to submit service request on Income tax efiling portal for different sceanrios, Let you know how to submit the same for different cases as mentioned.

An e-filing portal, also known as an electronic filing portal, is a digital platform or website that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to submit various documents, forms, applications, and everify Income tax return to individuals, Government Agencies, regulatory bodies, or other relevant entities.

The concept of e-filing has gained prominence with the advancement of digital technology and the increasing need for efficient and streamlined methods of document submission and processing.

Submit Service Request on Income Tax eFiling Portal

The below are the different cases for Income tax assessee, Let us check each

How to Request Refund Reissue (in case of Failed Refund)

Here are the steps to raise a service request a raise a refund reissue

  1. Log into the Income tax login e-filing portal.
  2. Go to the services menu and select refund reissue.
  3. On the next page, the status of the refund reissue requests you previously made displayed.
  4. Click on Create refund reissue request
  5. Select the record to which you want to submit the request.
  6. Click on the continue.
  7. Select the bank account where you would like to receive the refund.
  8. After verification of the bank details, you may taken to the e-verify page.
  9. Select your preferred option (Aadhaar OTP, DSC or EVC) and click continue.
  10. After successful verification, you will get a success message along with a transaction ID.

Condonation Request for delay in submission of ITR-V

Here are steps to know about the Condonation request for a delay in submission of ITR-V

  1. Post login to the e-Filing portal, go to the services menu and select the condonation request.
  2. Select Delay in the submission of ITR-V and click on Continue.
  3. On the next page, click Create a condonation request.
  4. After that select the record for which you want to raise a request and click continue.
  5. Then select the reason for your delay and click submit.
  6. On submission of the request, a success message displayed.

Condonation request to file ITR after time-barred

Here are steps to Condonation request file ITR after the time-barred

  1. Post login to the e-Filing portal, go to the services menu and select the condonation request.
  2. Then, select Allow ITR filing after time-barred and click continue.
  3. On the next page, you will see the details of ITR-time-barred requests submitted to date.
  4. Click on create a condonation request.
  5. Then as a part of a condonation request, you need to provide your details.
  6. Once done, you may taken to the e-verify page.
  7. After e-verification, you’ll get the success message and transaction ID.

What types of documents submitted through an e-filing portal?

E-filing portals support a wide range of documents, including tax returns, permit applications, business registrations, legal documents, immigration forms, and more.

Is it secure to submit sensitive information through an e-filing portal?

Yes, e-filing portals typically use encryption and security measures to protect sensitive information during transmission and storage, ensuring a high level of data security.

How do I get started with using an e-filing portal?

To get started, visit the e-filing portal’s website, and create an account required. Select the type of document you want to submit, follow the provided instructions, and upload the necessary files.