Hospital Services in Abroad for Emergency & General

Find how you can avail Hospital Services in abroad countries for Emergency and General medical care, What documents require to avail medical services…

While we travel abroad, the most frequent concern that comes in our mind is “how we can deal with our health issue in abroad” it is actually a matter of concern while we leave our native land. So in this article, we will try to resolve your query.

The travelers must have an idea that no health insurance coverage may given for any illness or injuries during their trip. So what is the other option in this scenario. The next best option taking health into consideration is travel health insurance.

Almost all the travel agencies who deal with international travel can give you the detailed information about International travel insurance programs. This may also offered by tour operator at an additional cost.

Health Insurance in Foreign Country

  1. The passenger should be aware of the extent of the coverage & process of submitting claims for health care expenses.
  2. The tourist should have a letter from the doctor in case he/she being treated for any chronic disease.
  3. We should have a list of all the medication with the generic names of the drugs along with the dosage.
  4. The passengers should always carry the insurance card.
  5. The information regarding the name & phone number of the contact person who may contact in case of emergency should clear on passport.

Emergency visit to the hospital in a visited country, the emergency visit to the hospital never planned in the trip, but an unfortunate accident or unexpected illness can happen to anyone. In this case the travel insurance or travel medical insurance coverage comes into play.

Emergency hospital admissions done when a patient comes in the emergency department and is subsequently admits to the hospital. The life threatening condition such as stroke, trauma to limbs or other body organs were generally refer to as emergency conditions.

The patient along with one of the family members should reach hospital. If the patient is more serious than an ambulance may called. The emergency department of most of the hospitals operate 24 hours a day. The conditions which require an ambulance are chest pain, heavy bleeding, loss of Consciousness etc.

The elective admissions are those which require hospital care but the patient can wait for a convenient time. In such admissions, your doctor does your check up in the clinic & makes a direct admission.

Documents List for Hospital Services in Abroad during Emergency or Elective Medical Admission

  1. ID Card
  2. Medicines list you are allergic to
  3. Medication list currently taken
  4. List of all the medical conditions
  5. Name of primary care physician of your own country along with the valid phone number.
  6. Bring all cards that pertain to insurance coverage