Airport Services to Avail by Passenger, Check What to Avail

Travelling by aeroplane is very common nowadays. So no doubt that passengers should know some Airport services to avail that will make their journey enjoyable & hassle free. An aerodrome for commercial air transport with good facilities are airports while – aerodromes solely serving helicopters is termed as heliport. The airports vary in sizes & so as the facilities provided.

Smaller or comparatively less developed airports have generally a single runway. On the other hand, larger airports generally have paved runways of 2,000mr longer. In comparison to Smaller airfields, the larger aerodromes have airport aprons, taxiwaybridge to get Taxi at airport, air traffic control centres, passenger facilities such as restaurants, lounges & other emergency services.

The airports owned by local, regional or national government organizations who can give these airfields to other private corporations who then take care and are responsible for management of their operations.

Airports divided into 2 main zones namely land side & air side zone. The landside zone has fewer norms followed, but on the contrast the airside zone has very strict rules which tightly controlled. The areas which come under the airside zone includes the area around the aircraft, airside shopping, dining or waiting passenger area.

Airport Services Avail Passenger

Before entering the airside zone all the security check procedures may keenly done. In case of airfields having multiple terminals there is a facility of air connection buses, moving walkways or people movers for inter terminal airside transit. Let us discuss the various facilities provided at the airport to make the journey of passengers enjoyable

Airport Services to Avail By Passenger

  1. Terminal Gates: Depending upon the size of the airfield, there can be one or multiple terminals. Some airports in spite of having large size still have one terminal like Amsterdam Airport. The terminal has number of gates which guide the passengers to enter the plane
  2. Provision of Parking: The airports have the provision of parking cars & other vehicles safely in the parking area. The tourist or other people can easily park their vehicle in parking area after paying the due amount after with safety.
  3. Provision of transportation between different parts of the airport: There is availability of airbuses in the airfield so the passengers can easily reach the air plate from terminal gate.
  4. Provision of ticketing & check in: The airports have the proper space management for counter areas for ticketing & check in so that the passengers can easily do check in.
  5. Office & Administrative spaces: The airfields have office & administration chambers to solve the queries of passengers. The passengers can talk to administrative staff in case of any difficulty related to baggage check in, Boarding pass etc.
  6. Provision of baggage handling & delivering of baggage: The arriving passengers can hand over their luggage to the airfield authority. It is during Check in procedure. In case the baggage has some fragile or delicate material in it, this may informed to the authorized person. So that he can paste a fragile sticker, to take better care of it. The airports have a provision to hand over the baggage to departing – passenger through revolving belts.
  7. Inspection areas: The airports have inspection areas for government aviation security for inspection of travellers, aircrews & air side workers.
  8. The airfields have multiple facilities such as sanitary, air conditioning, telecommunication accesses. Most importantly flight information display System to update the passengers of flight schedule from time to time.
  9. Service of goods & refreshment: The airfields have proper space to sell the refreshments & other goods to tourists. The passengers can sit, relax & enjoy their favourite cuisine. The airports have a tempting environment that increases the urge to shop.
  10. Maintenance of plants: The beautiful plants also maintained on the air side & landside which further increase the beauty of airports.

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