Share Market Timings for Regular Trade and Block Deal Session

Find the new share market timings for session-wise trading, Check the list of 4 sessions allowed in the share market to deliberate each trading session…

One of the most puzzling questions that might come to the mind of a trader or someone who wants to invest in shares is what is share market opening time for Indians and may precise this is something everyone interested in shares should be keen about.

The essential reasons why the opening and closing timing for the NSE share market so valued. Most of the stock exchange and share trading is done as soon as the market is open in the morning. It’s the time everyone has to be vigilant to be making profits off their trades, deals, and exchanges on Go.

In this article we will be describing some of the important share market timings that you essentially have to keep in mind in order to fast track your progress in the field of shares trading.

Share Market Timings

Share Market Timings

The NSE India has been very open about the timings in order to ensure that all the traders, business owners and stock owners can be vigilant about the stock share market timings that we are going to discuss in depth below.

There are different sessions that deliberate the market opening such as

  1. Pre Open Market Session
  2. Regular Trading Session
  3. Closing Session
  4. Block Deal Session Timings will discuss the above 4 sessions with their appropriate timings below.

Pre Opening Session

This is the first session of the day that starts at 9.00 AM and then closes at 9.08 AM, So, the market is open for exchange for about 8 minutes for this particular session.

Regular Trading Session

This session opens at 9.15 AM in the morning and then closes at 3.30 PM in the afternoon. This may call as the regular trading sessions. Due to the huge time interval where most of the stock and market exchange done in a day.

Closing Session

This is the closing session of the day. This may starts at 3.40 PM in the afternoon and ends at 4.00 PM in the evening. All the deals of the day mostly closed by this session.

Block Deal Session Timings

This is a different session where the traders and everyone has a chance to block deals ahead of the market opening on same day.

  • The morning window starts at 8.45 AM in the morning and ends at 9.00 AM.
  • The afternoon window starts at 2.05 PM in the afternoon and ends at 2.20 PM.

Does the NSE share market operate on Saturday & Sunday?

No, as per the NSE rules the share market timings are only applicable for the weekdays and the market is closed on weekends that includes Saturday and Sunday, So, there is no market trading and stock exchange to be done on either Saturday and Sunday giving everyone a relief for the weekend.

Are the NSE share market timings the same for all days over the calendar year?

The above-shared stock market timings are applicable only for the weekdays which excludes any holidays that are already mentioned by the NSE, and on the other hand, both Saturday and Sunday are closed for trading which makes the NSE share market closed for any weekend over the year.

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