NSE Holidays for Calender Year 2024 Trading and Clearing

Here is the list of NSE Holidays 2024, check the detailed list of stock market holidays presented as NSE trading and for clearing in each table and find the type of holidays experienced in NSE and BSE share market…

NSE Holidays

National Stock Exchange has got some specific timing, during which the trading will be scheduled and later there will not be an official trading session processed. National Stock Exchange is open from Monday to Friday during the business hours to operate share market trading.

There will be no trading possessed during the Saturday and Sunday along with some National Holidays declared by the Indian Government, and if anyone is trading, then they must be aware of these NSE holiday list.

NSE Holidays

Having note of these days will ensure you have the correct form to compete in the marketing world and always keeps you ready to proceed for trading, where the exchange starts at 9:15 AM and will close at 3:30 PM.

NSE Holiday List

Trading Holiday

Name of the Trading HolidayDateDay
Special Holiday22.01.24Monday
Republic Day26.01.24Friday
Good Friday29.03.24Friday
ID-UI-Fitr (EID)11.04.24Thursday
Ram Navami17.04.24Wednesday
Maharashtra Day01.05.24Wednesday
Bakrid ID17.06.24Monday
Independence Day15.08.24Thursday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti02.10.24Wednesday
Gurunanak Jayanti15.11.24Friday

Clearing Holidays

Name of the Clearing HolidayDateDay
Special holiday22.01.24Monday
Republic Day26.01.24Friday
Mahavir Jayanti19.02.24Monday
Good Friday29.03.24Friday
Annual bank Closing01.04.24Monday
Gudi Padwa09.04.24Tuesday
Ramadan (EID)11.04.24Thursday
Ram Navami17.04.24Wednesday
Mahasrashtra Day01.05.24Wednesday
Buddha Pournima23.05.24Friday
Bakrid Eid17.06.24Monday
Independence Day15.08.24Thursday
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti02.10.24Wednesday
Diwali -Laxmi Pujan01.11.24Friday
Gurunanak Jayanti15.11.24Friday

Type of NSE Holidays

There are various holidays that are experienced over a calendar year for both the NSE & BSE stock exchange market which are listed below.

  • Trading Holidays : Trading holidays are the normal holidays announced where there is no trading that is going to happen and this coincides with most of the bank holidays announced.
  • Clearing Holidays : Another set of holidays is the clearing holidays which are pre announced by the NSE that contain regular holidays as well.
  • Muhurat Trading Holidays: There are certain trading days where muhurat trading occurs which are announced but if there is a holiday on such a trading day then the NSE will make an announcement about it priorily.
  • Commodity Trading Holidays: This range of holidays also coincides with most of the bank holidays but where the commodity trading is mostly closed.

The National Stock Exchange will also not be working during the National Holidays and here we bring a list of days during which the NSE stock exchange will not be working in the year, and alongside the Saturday and Sunday, these days can be marked as no working days.

National Stock Exchange Trading Schedule

Here is a detailed description about the pre-trading and regular timing for the exchange through the National Stock Exchange market.

  • NSE Pre Open Timing: the entry of the modification & orders begins early morning at 9:00 AM on all business days as per Indian timing.
  • Regular Timing Trades: Regular Market does commence at 9:15 on all business days and will be closed at 3:30 PM with restricted physical market space.

Source: nseindia.com

How many holidays does the National Stock Exchange Have?

There are a total 16 National Stock Exchange holidays that are calculated based on the regional & national holidays. These doesn’t not include the Saturday and Sunday as these are only public holidays as per government calendar.

Which Holiday from NSE falls on weekends?

The Republic Day and Independence Day do fall during the National Stock Exchange Holidays.

What is the morning National Stock Exchange Trading time?

The morning trading starts from 9.15 AM to 3.30 PM as per Indian calendar timing.

What is the evening National Stock Exchange Trading Time?

The evening trading timing is done between 5 PM to 11: 30 PM as per Indian calendar timing.

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