Go First Web Check In and Boarding Pass at flygofirst

The Go first web check in is an online service provided by GoAir that allows passengers to check in for their flight, select their seat, print their boarding pass, and track the status of their flight. This service is intended to save passengers time and simplify the check-in process.

In this article we will first learn about the importance of GoAir web check-in and then learn the required steps to complete your Go first web check-in.

You might want to understand why Go Air flight customers should complete their online check in and why it is helpful and important to them as well from below.

  1. Convenience: Passengers can save time and have a more pleasant travel experience by checking in online.
  2. Flexibility: Passengers with internet access can check in for their flight from anywhere and at any time.
  3. Choice of Seat: Passengers can select their seat and, if available, seats with more legroom.
  4. Time Saving: Passengers who check in online can arrive at the airport later, saving time and stress.
  5. Paperless Travel: Passengers can save the boarding pass to their smartphone or via email, eradicating the necessity to bring documents.
  6. Flight Status Check: Passengers can check their flight status online and track their flight using their PNR number.
Go first web check in
Go first web check in

Go First Web Check In

Once you have your Go Air flight details or your account logged in, then simply follow the instructions below to complete your web check in go first online.

  1. Go to the GoFirst website from flygofirst.com
  2. Click on the Web Check-in button
  3. Enter your booking reference or PNR number and last name from your booking confirmation
  4. Select your flight and click on Check in
  5. Confirm your personal information and select your seat from the available ones
  6. If you select seat with charges, then you will need to pay for additional seat for charge fees
  7. Add any baggage if required, and pay for any additional baggage fees
  8. Check the box to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and click on CheckIn

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Is Go First Web Check In chargeable?

If you use the Go First website, then you can find seats that charge you during your GoAir web check-in.

Is Go Air Web Check In and the boarding pass are same?

Yes, the GoAir web check-in completes your boarding process on the app or website, then you can select the seat and download the boarding pass as print out or save it on your Smartphone as PDF as required.

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