Port of Entry – Find Meaning & What is Port of Entry in Detail

Port of entry may explained as a place where a person can enter a country lawfully. The international airports are generally ports of entry but seaports may used as port of entry for a particular country. It is only in the presence of dedicated customs.

The passengers on arrival in the particular country have to pass through the immigration check In counter. The immigration/customs officer will ask certain questions. If they satisfied with your answers, then you will get a stamp on your passport & you are legally allow to stay in the particular country CBD officers are responsible for verifying the entry & exit of the travelers at the airport which is the port of entry.

The visitors expected to carry all the relevant documents such as passport, tickets, IDs & follow all the rules to avoid any kind of delay at the port of entry. The immigration officer will also take the digital picture of the tourist as well as his digital fingerprint.

The tourists on visitors need to convince the immigration officer for the reason to stay in the country. Visiting family & travelling considered as good reasons. It becomes mandatory for the travellers to convince the immigration officers that they will never overstay in the country under any circumstance.

They need to produce a letter from the sponsor, for 6 months stay along with the valid reason. Usually the inspection with CBP officers lasts for 5 mins – 10 mins. The CBP officer convinced by your answers. It’s fine otherwise you have to go for secondary inspection.

Now here again you will again asked certain questions & your documents may checked again. If your documents are complete, they will stamp your passport & your visa is now in full effect.

It is important to mention here that in case you sent to a secondary inspection, this part may consider as more comprehensive & you may be in questions for hours or even longer depending upon how the officers see your condition.

The main aim of this inspection is to verify completely without causing interruption to other passengers who are coming inside. In case you taken to secondary inspection then also you don’t have to worry as long as intentions true & genuine.

For some reason, if your documents can not be verified, the CBP officer has the right to deny your entry. It is at their discretion. They might issue you a temporary Visa with the help of which you can stay in country for 30 days. In these 30 days, you need to contact DSO (Designated School officer) & get your issues resolve.