Form 9 for Driving Licence Renewal – Download Now

Download Form 9 online to submit driving licence renewal application to the concerned authority. Find what is Form 9 and where to download…

If you have a valid driving license with you, then you need to understand two rules set by RTO i.e, the driving license permitted to a driver from the date of license issue to a period of 20 years or else till the driver is 50 years old.

In both the cases, what scenario earlier becomes prominent and thus a driver has to reapply for a new driving license and this process called as renewal of driving license.

I am sure this might a new process for everyone who might read this article and that is why we have curated this guide that will help you walkthrough the Form 9 in driving license, to understand about the fields to fill, process for renewal and application as well.

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What is Form 9 – Driving License Renewal Application Form?

In simple words, the RTO has devised a set of rules and regulations among which Renewal of driving license is an important one where anyone who either crosses 20 years from their issue of driving license or else is 50 years old must and should renew their driving license. If not renewed, then their driving license considered as expired.

All the driving license holders out there can readily make use of the RTO Form9 for driving license renewal, it is a simple form that asks for your details and photocopy attachment.

Driving Licence Renewal

How to Download Form 9 – Renewal Application form for Driving License Download

Follow the below process to learn how to download the driving license renewal form9 from online.

  • So, if you are someone who wants to do the whole process of using the Form9 for driving license renewal by yourself, then simply download the form9 from here.
  • Fill all the details asked with your information, attach the photocopy
  • Submit the form to your nearest RTO office and wait for further instructions on the driving test

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Driving License Renewal Application Process using Form 9

One might think, is it necessary to do all the hassle of renewing a driver’s license application by themselves? You can always make use of third party brokers to help fill and apply for application, but at the end the examination and the driving test should given by the applicant itself.

How to download form 9 PDF format?

You can download the form 9 pdf format from Vahan official website itself, you can then make a print out copy that has to submit to the RTO office after details filled with a photocopy attached to it in the particular area asked.

Do I need another form to renew my car or motorbike driving license?

No, in case of both motorbike i.e, 2 wheeler or car i.e, 4 wheeler you will have to use Form 9 to apply.

Can I change 2 Wheeler to 4 Wheeler in Form 9?

Yes, you can change your transport vehicle as per your convenience under the option of transport vehicle.

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