Form 29 for Transfer of Motor Vehicle Ownership

It is mandatory to have Form 29 when you sell a used vehicle to someone. Get detailed information of Form 29, details required including PDF format of it….

The Regional Transport Office is situated in every zone which covers every corner of the Indian boundaries. Any vehicle which is moving on the road, does have to get validity from their respective Regional Transport Office. The special motor vehicle department has made it compulsory for the motor vehicle act 1988. It is to be applicable across the country.

The details of the vehicle must enter in the RTO office. It ensures that every vehicle does run on road under the regulation of motor vehicle act. The defined activities that an RTO needs to undertake and ensure that everyone does follow rules. Having the proper record of vehicles helps the government to have a proper track of vehicles. Get quick information during emergencies.

NameForm 29
Use of itNotice of transfer of ownership of motor vehicle
From where to get itRegional Transport Office (RTO)
Form 29 for Transfer of Motor Vehicle
Form 29 for Transfer of Motor Vehicle

Form 29

Form29 uses when an individual has sold their card and it must lodge in the RTO office. The Form29 bought from the RTO office. The individual must get 2 copies to submit. Along with the Form29, individuals have to submit their RC and PIC. It is along with the insurance to the one who has bought the vehicle. One copy of Form29 needs to submit to the RTO for the records.

So that you’re no longer an owner of the vehicle. On the other hand, the next copy along with the vehicle documents need handing over to the new owner for their documentation.

The form29 needs to stamp from the regional office head, so that it becomes valid. Only with the dual signature of the owner and the regional head, the form 29 will become valid. This will enter the records in RTO and thereafter the form 30 of new owner may accept. The details of vehicle will move to the new owner.

Details Required in Form 29

If you’re filling the Form29 for the very first time, then here are some important things that you must fail to ensure. The vehicle transfers from your name to the new owner.

  • Name along with detailed communication address
  • Vehicle Number and Chassis number
  • A signature on Form29 like your RC sign

Download Form 29 Pdf Application Form Online from the source available

What is Form 29 mandatory?

It is mandatory for the past owner to submit the Form 29 to the RTO. The new owner to have the Form 29, to own full authority on the vehicle. This will free the old owner from the veil and any future interference with the vehicle will be with the new owner only.

Where can I get Form 29?

Form 29 is similar in all corners of India but different in language. One can get the Form 29 download form online in their preferred language. As well, the RTO office does provide Form 29 for free, when you’re going to sell your car.

What if I don’t fill Form 29?

Form 29 plays an important role for the new owner and old owner of the vehicle. As to attain to no relation with vehicle, a Form 29 is to be revised from the old owner. Without a Form 29, the old owner will still have ownership as per the RTPO records.

Do I have to submit an RC with Form 29 to the RTO?

No, as an owner of a vehicle it is only required to submit the form 29 RTO. So that your name and details will be removed from the RTO office and the new owner details with the form 30 will be added to your vehicle details

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