Assam Employee DA Rates to Pay 2023 Dearness Allowance

Employee DA Rates

Assam employee DA Rates has increased upto 46% of their basic pay from the existing 42% dearness allowance with effect from 1st July 2023. The new current DA in Assam increase may adds to basic pay and seen in Assam employee pay slip. The date of effect is similar to the date for which central

Karnataka State Govt DA Chart 2023 for Employee after Pay Revision

Check Present DA in Karnataka with updated chart applicable for State Government employees as per 2018 pay revision and Teaching / equivalent cadre staff as per 2016 revised UGC/ICAR/ AICTE scales of pay… Government Employees of Karnataka State employed and governed by the state department, which brings all their employment authority to the respective departments

DA for Nagaland Pensioners and Employee upto 2023

Employee DA Rates

Latest DA applicable for Nagaland pensioners and employee updated upto 2023 from pay revision, Check Nagaland employee DA rates upto date applicable and mentioned in the table date wise… In the recent announcements from the finance ministry of India, it has been declared that the Dearness Allowance of all permanent union government employees and pensioners

West Bengal DA Rate upto 2023 for Employee

Employee DA Rates

West Bengal DA rate for employee and pensioners announced for all Government Employees after the announcement of DA increase by Central Government as per AICPIN. There are Lakhs of employees who entitled to be working as a government employee and pensioners in the state of West Bengal, which does get benefited with the newly revised

Sikkim DA Rate Updated as per Current Hike

The Memo to hike Sikkim DA (Dearness Allowance) rate of all employees and retired employees of Sikkim state government has been released, which brings the current Dearness Allowance in Sikkim to 42% for 7th CPC and 221% to 6 CPC employees. The end of 2023, brings relief to every employee and pensioner, as they can

DA Freeze for Central Govt & PSU Employee / Pensioner

Find the orders and instructions issued by competent authority on DA Freeze for Central Government and Public Sector Undertaking employees / pensioners till the specified date at current rates of dearness allowance… Additional Secretary to GOI under Ministry of Finance – Department of Expenditure vide letter number 1/1/2020-E-II (B) dated the 23rd April 2020 has

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Odisha Govt DA Rates for Govt Employees from 2016 to 2023

The Odisha Ministry Office has issued the memorandum for Odisha Govt DA rates for the state government employees. The same memorandum for DA is applicable for the pensioners which will be in effect from July 2023.

Under these announcements there are over 4 lakh+ government employees and 3.5 lakhs+ pensioners who will be benefited with the increased Odisha Govt DA Rate.

The current DA rate in Odisha is 42% which was earlier at 38%. There has been a massive increase in the Dearness Allowance which has brought relief to state government employees according to Odisha pay scale applicable for all employees.

The Chief Ministers of Odisha state have signed the Dearness Allowance order which also includes the DA amount from the 7th month of 2023, the entire amount will be credited to the beneficiary in regular intervals.

The below DA chart of Odisha Govt employees tells you about the different period DA Rate in Odisha state even applicable for Pensioners. Have a look

DA Chart of Odisha Govt Employees

DA from which payable% Rate of Dearness Allowance to be Paid on 2017 Scales% of DA Rate for 2008 Scale of Pay
01.07.2021 31196
01.01.2016No DA
Odisha DA Rates List

For detailed circulars, please visit the page Employee can check the new Odisha Govt DA rates on their Odisha pay slip.

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The new Odisha employee DA rate was changed from time to time for every six months as per the 6th pay revision of CDA rates announced by the Central Government.

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What is DA and Types of Dearness Allowance in Salary

Dearness Allowance is roughly termed as cost of living adjustment. DA is a compensatory allowance offer to public sector employees along with pensioners. DA is a component in salary which is applicable to every employee in India. Dearness Allowance The Dearness Allowance earlier called Dear Food Allowance, and later rename as DA for the Government