DA Freeze for Central Govt & PSU Employee / Pensioner

Find the orders and instructions issued by competent authority on DA Freeze for Central Government and Public Sector Undertaking employees / pensioners till the specified date at current rates of dearness allowance…

Additional Secretary to GOI under Ministry of Finance – Department of Expenditure vide letter number 1/1/2020-E-II (B) dated the 23rd April 2020 has issued the instructions towards Freezing of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners at current rates till July 2021.

As per the above said order, In view of the crisis arising COVID-19, it has been that the additional installment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government Employees and DR to pensioners due from 01.01.2020 shall not be paid and the future additional installments shall not be paid as per the below

DA Revision Date Paid Status
01.01.2020 Freezed
01.07.2020 Freezed
01.01.2021 Freezed
01.07.2021 To be paid
DA Rates Freeze Table
Dearness Allowance

PSU Dearness Allowance

As per the Department of Telecommunications order for BSNL & MTNL 28.4.2020

  • Pension for he month of April 2020 be disbursed at DA rates 160.7% till further guidelines from DPE for pensioners retiring prior to 01.04.2020.
  • For those retiring in April 2020, retirement benefits (paid by CCAs) be paid at old Dearness Relief as on 01.01.2020 till further guidelines by DPE.

As per BHEL Order 28.04.2020

Owning to the difficult and extreme prevailing conditions and further aggravation of the situation due to outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 the following economy and austerity measures will come into force from 28.04.2020

  • 50% of perks and allowances under cafeteria scheme
  • Increase in DA from 01.04.2020 kept on hold
  • Deferment of 50# perks and allowance under cafeteria scheme as well as withholding of DA increase shall implement from April 2020

As per Food Corporation of India Order 27.04.2020

In view of similar instructions by DPE, all the officers and employees who are retiring in April are paid the SA at old rates as per 01.01.2020, and for other employees, the revised DA as on 01.04.2020 may be paid which can be recovered of DPE guidelines are received in future.

What is the % payable during freeze of DA?

Dearness Allowance for Central Government employees and DR for Pensioners at current rates as per the rates started from 01.07.2019 will continue until removing of freeze order.

When will Central DA rates restored?

As per the order the rates of DA and Dearness Relief as effective from 01.01.20, 01.07.20, 01.01.21 will be restored prospectively and will be subsumed in the cumulative revised rate effective from 01.07.2021.

Whether any arrears to be paid on DA Freeze instructions after restoration?

As per the orders given, Arrears should not be paid to employee or pensioner for the period of due against DA / DR rates from 1st January 2020 to 30th June 2021.

Whether the same order is applicable for all PSU and Central Government employees?

Letter No 1/1/2020-E-II (B) dated the 23rd April 2020 given by Finance Department shall applicable only for Central Government Employees and Pensioners, where as for PSUs the other necessary instruction will be released because of different DA (IDA) pattern.

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  1. Kindly give the present status of Freezed IDA during Corona crisis for BSNL pensioners case.
    : Banker MP, Rtd. CTS /Guntur SSA

  2. When BSNL pensioners get their due DA? What stage it is? Any one in relation to the department may inform the cause of present delay.


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