Sikkim Employee DA Rates Updated as per Current Hike

The Memo to hike Sikkim employee DA (Dearness Allowance) rates of all employees and retired employees of Sikkim state government has been released, which brings the current Dearness Allowance rate to 31% for 7th CPC and 189% to 6 CPC employees.

The end of 2021, brings relief to every employee and pensioner, as they can see an increase in their salaries and pension amount. There are around 50000+ beneficiaries who will get benefited with the updated Dearness Allowance rate and as well the payout from last year will be calculated, then deposited to employees in a few installments.

Recent cabinet meeting held by Sikkim Chief Minister has brought a good announcement for the state government employees and pensioners. DA hike in Sikkim state has brought a halt to the employees, who were demanding for a long time.

DA Payable PeriodIncreased DA %Tota DA% for 7thCPC6th CPC DA %
01.07.2021 (01.01.2020, 01.07.2020, 01.01.2021)1128189

All he above Sikkim employee DA rates are updated after the announcement of Government orders only.