West Bengal Employee DA Rates upto 2022

West Bengal employee DA rates announced the Dearness Allowance for all Government Employees after the announcement of DA increase by Central as per AICPIN.

There are Lakhs of employees who entitled to be working as a government employee and pensioners in the state of West Bengal, which does get benefited with the newly revised rates. Dearness Allowance is one part of the salary which is always decided by the government of the state through their cabinet meeting held for the budget. If announced in late, the arrears will credit to the employee account later.

A new percent increase in Dearness Allowance for the employees will add over crores of budget monthly for the state of West Bengal. However, the Dearness Allowance Hike has brought relief to the government employees and pensioners, who were in hope of a Hike for a year.

West Bengal Employee DA Rates

DA Payable from Increased DA %Tota DA%
01.01.20223 34
01.07.2021 (01.01.2020, 01.07.2020, 01.01.2021)1128
01.01.20182 7
01.07.20171 5

We will update the new dearness allowance rates as per the announcement of AICPIN number for each half-yearly period in a year.

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