E Sadhana 2024 for Women Development & Child Welfare

E Sadhana 2023 for TG and AP now live with different services. Login to WDCW eSadhana portal of TG or AP and find the exact details as per the mission…

Women and Children given as highest priority in every scheme that government brings up in every budget session. The E Sadhana is a scheme for women development and child welfare development.

This Government scheme launched by state government of Telangana and the state government of Andhra Pradesh. There are different actions of E Sadhana for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh citizens which can use to check multiple services.

e Sadhana

This service managed by the Department of Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizen. In every aspect of eSadhana, the facilities provided to ensure that every eligible citizen of the state benefited.

Servicee Sadhana
StateTelangana (TG) and Andhra Pradesh (AP)
DepartmentWomen Development and Child Welfare
ObjectiveSource of Assistance and Devoplement for Women and Child
Web Portalwdcw.tg.nic.in/e-sadhanatg/index.html

E Sadhana

The scheme has got many features for women and children as below, which are always there to develop them in society.

  1. Health education Immunization
  2. Nutrition Immunization
  3. Supplementary nutrition program
  4. Education benefits for children’s
  5. Referral services
  6. Health check-up services

Let us have a look at the services which give you detail service information taken under eSadhana. The process is the same but there are different facilities provided by each state with their unique names.

E Sadhana AP

Here is a list of services that are provided by the Andhra Pradesh state government under the e Sadhana AP scheme with available web portal https://wdcw.ap.gov.in/Esadhana.html.

  1. CAS Common Application Software
  2. MIS Management Information System
  3. Recruitment System AWW and AWW
  4. Abhiyaan Dashboard POSHAN
  5. Milk Supply tracking System
  6. Supplier Egg Tracking System
  7. AWC Monitoring Tool
  8. Kishori vikas Dashboard
  9. Rapid Reporting System

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E Sadhana TG

The services provided to Telangana state students through e Sadhana TG scheme listed below.

  1. AASR Anganwadi Information System
  2. m- Anganwadi
  3. AWTC Online Reporting System
  4. Guidelines and Memos
  5. Commodity Supply Chain Management System
  6. Online FCR
  7. Commodity Supply Tracking System
  8. Expenditure and Budget Monitoring system
  9. Web Based MPR system

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eSadhana Login

The login process for each state is different, as they may access differently through their unique website to avail their benefits.

eSadhana TG login

Telangana state citizens can use the below process to access and login into the eSadhana TG website.

  1. Visit the official website of wdcw.tg.nic.in
  2. Click on ‘web based MRP system’ form the main home page
  3. Provide your eadhana username and password here in login page
  4. Click on Signing button after entering your unique security PIN
  5. That’s it you’re now successfully log in into the eSadhana of Telangana State and can now utilize the services.

eSadhana AP Login

Citizens of Andhra Pradesh state can use the below-given process to login to the eSadhana and avail its services.

  1. Go to the official website using link wdcw.ap.gov.in
  2. click on ‘Management Information System’ form the home page to visit mis.wdce.ap.gov.in for login page
  3. Enter your user id and password provided at eSadhana AP registration
  4. Click on submit button and wait for details to be verified
  5. That’s it, the login with your Andhra Pradesh State credentials has been successful and you can now use all its services as per your consideration.

Is Anganwadi a government job through E Sadhana?

Anganwadi is a government source scheme develops to provide facilities to child and mothers. The jobs under Anganwadi are not permanent, they are under contract who look after the scheme facilities which are provided through the government under eSadhana.

Can I register my pregnancy through E Sadhana?

If you’re going to be a mother then you must visit the best Anganwadi school, to enrol yourself in the scheme. The respective nurse will take your details and add them in E Sadhana portal, through which you may allowed to receive different schemes during and after your pregnancy.

Is the Budget Monitoring system in E Sadhana open for all?

The budget and expenditure monitoring system are for the officials who are managing the E Sadhana scheme. The DDO office provide access to this system portal, where they need to timely update the records and provide enough information to the public to ensure amount utilized as best for schemes.

How many eggs do we get through E Sadhana?

As an initiative to increase the immune system of children, the e Sadhana brought up to give regular essentials to the child’s and mother. As per the records, there are 2 eggs being provided to each other and their child through this scheme by an Anganwadi teacher. This service continued until a certain age of child and after the end of the pregnancy term of the mother.

How to track missing children through E Sadhana ?

Citizens of Telangana can report their missing child or track them from the official link provided in E Sadhana. This allows every Anganwadi and other services of E Sadhana to notice about the missing child, which helps them in an easier manner to find missing children. The link to ‘track the missing child portal’ is provided in the other links of the E Sadhana website.

What is MPR in the E Sadhana portal?

MPR derives as Medication Possession Ratio. The MPR measures the percentage of patients in time during the medication. Through MPR, the calculation of the supply of drugs to a patient service based on the days it utilized by them.

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