SBI Pension Seva Video Life Certificate – Submit Online

Submit SBI Pension Seva Video Life Certificate online at, Find the submission process and what to do if video call process terminated…

Pensioners who have an account in SBI Pension Seva from the State Bank of India, do need to submit a life certificate every year. A pensioner has to submit their life certificate, which lets the SBI Pension Seva allow the benefits of the year.

Earlier, the pensioner has to visit the servicing branch to submit the certificate. There are various services which are provided to pensioners by banks. But now they can simply submit their SBI pension seva video LC from online to complete the verification. For any queries, you may contact SBI Pension Seva Customer Care.

SBI Pension Seva Video Life Certificate

What is VideoLC – State Bank Pension Seva Video LC

The pension service for an individual is most useful, when they don’t earn. State Bank of India, brings reliable and flexible services to every customer of SBI Pension Seva.

To have all services applied to a pensioner, they must get the bank video call service to submit their life certificate online which is a new way of accepting life certificates. It is really simple and easy to complete your pension seva video life certificate application for the State bank of India.

How to Submit SBI Pension Seva Video Life Certificate Online

Pensioners do get an option to submit their life certificate in SBI Pension Seva, through video call. Here is the process which one can follow and submit their Pension seva video life certificate without visiting the branch.

  1. Go to SBI pension seva page using and login with your account details
  2. Select the option of Video LC to open to start the video Call
  3. Provide the SBI pension account number
  4. Verify yourself with the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  5. Read & accept Terms & Conditions and then tap on Start Journey
  6. Get the Original PAN card in hand
  7. Click on I AM Ready option
  8. Grant the permission to start the video call from SBI Pension Seva
  9. SBI officials will come online and the process of verification will begin
  10. Official has to share the four digit verification code to the official
  11. Next PAN card or Aadhar card has to present for verification.

What happens if Video Call Verification in SBI Pension Seva fails?

If the pensioner has tried to submit their identity through the video call process of SBI Pension Seva. Then the individual has to visit the next SBI Pension Seva branch and try to submit their life certificate, to have their pension service continued.

When is the last date to submit a video life certificate in SBI Pension Seva?

Every year the life certificate of a pensioner may submit by the end of November. The SBI Pension Seva will accept the video life certificate in the month of November. Due to the recent pandemic situation the date extended to December 2021. Pensioners can check the dates from online SBI Pension Seva, to have their life certificate submitted on time.

Will I get benefits if I don’t submit my SBI Pension Seva Video life certificate?

The pensioner has to submit the Video life certificate to the SBI Pension Seva by the various options provided. In case of failure to submit a video life certificate, the benefits may not provide and the pensioner benefits will kept under hold till submission.

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