Connecting Flight Missed, What to do if Miss & How to Avoid

What to do if Connecting Flight Missed? Find the steps or process for various reasons and what happens if you miss a connecting flight…

Sometimes it’s not possible to reach final destination with direct flights, so need to have connecting flight or transit flight. It’s convenient for passengers to book connecting flight of the same airline as it will make luggage transfer easier.

The airline responsible for transferring the passenger’s luggage from one flight to another. It is all without wasting any time between connecting flights. Also, while booking the transit or connecting flight, the passengers should always keep in mind about requirement of transit visa in country you are transferred to.

In case the country you have landed demands the Transit Visa & you failed to show it. The chances you will stop at the passport check point before you can get your transit flight.

The chances are that the flight ticket will also become invalid. If the traveler flying with two different airline companies, they need to check whether there is interline baggage agreement between them or not.

In case they have the agreement, the passengers should remain carefree. But if they don’t have any such agreements, the passengers need to claim their baggage from 1st flight. Also have to go to security check for connecting flights which is quite time taking.

Connecting Flight Missed

If you are traveling through international flights & have to continue your journey through domestic airlines, then also you need to claim your baggage. It is at the international arrival section & then proceed to domestic flight. The tourists advised to be utmost attentive & listen to the airport’s announcement very carefully.

Now what will happen if you miss the connecting flight? In this article we will discuss the services provided by the airlines if you miss the connecting flight. The passengers should know their rights but they should also aware of circumstances where they can avail the benefits.

If the passenger missed his connecting flight because of the airline’s fault. Ex: Any mechanical fault, then it becomes the responsibility of that airline to book very next available flight. But if no flight available till the following morning, the airline will provide accommodation along with lunch/dinner to passengers. It’s not mention in any law, so the airlines may not forced to do so.

In case the passenger misses his connecting flight because of bad weather, the airline will help you to rebook the tickets. But won’t offer any meals or accommodation.

At this time, the passengers may really benefited from International Travel Insurance as it will pay those expenses which will not be borne by airlines.

Sometimes, the passengers happen to miss the connecting flight because of their own mistakes such as tight booking, busy shopping etc. then the airline will not take the responsibility & the tourist needs to pay a change fee plus any applicable fare charges.

Some points which should always kept in mind to avoid missing connect flight

  1. Never make tight bookings. Always keep enough time between flights.
  2. Try not to waste time in window shopping at the airport
  3. Be alert while booking the connecting flight.

If the connecting flight is different airline then it will not take any responsibility for flight delay connection missed of 1st flight and vice versa. So it is always better to book both the flights of the same airline.