What is Disinvestment & Types of Disinvestment with Example

Exact disinvestment meaning presented, Find What is disinvestment types and the example with primary objective focused for capital expenditure…

What is Disinvestment

An action of selling or liquidating of a subsidiary or an asset by a Government entity or organization referred as Disinvestment. This also to as to facilitate the resource within the organization or area in a more productive way by its reallocation.

The Disinvestment in general might be reducing the funds or divestiture, the primary objective is to maximize the return on investment. This always an investment or re-processing of a project held, if it has been under excess fund utilization not earlier approved or hasn’t been plan.

Disinvestment also comes into picture, when the reduction or divestment of capital expenditure has taken place. This has a primary face to optimize the resources to deliver maximum returns on finance. This was set to achieve objective of selling, spinning off or reducing expenditure.

In most cases, the Dis Investment was due to legal reasons and political reasons which came across by any course of actions. The process of procuring the assets which are public and not meeting the said guideline may also lead to having in progress.

Types of Disinvestment

There are few different types of Disinvestment which defined based on the scenario and type of project undertaken.

Segmentation and Commoditization

This is one type of Dis Investment, within the target market for commoditized of goods. The company identifies the product segments based on their profitability, expenditure, resources and infrastructure which required for manufacturing.

As an example, the company determines the industrial look for growing faster and generating good profit margins with consumer expectation. In case, if the consumer division has a less profitable side, then these parts moved for Disinvestment.

Ill Fitting Assets

A company may come forward to Disinvestment of its assets which acquired and might not actually require it now. In case, if the company acquired a property for international division and utilized it to meet their operating goals.

The investment as well as maintenance cost of company reduced. The company disinvestments the property or assets to increase their funds. This leads to capital investment and keeping the cash over the balance sheet.

Legal and Political

  • In case, if any part of organization doesn’t meet environment or social regulation, then that part of asset allow for Disinvestment.
  • If any company lead to global warming with its units, then this may removed to avoid pollution and social imbalance.
  • In case, an asset or unit has led to political issues, then on Government guidance and to maintain peace, such items moved.

Disinvestment Example

In recent days, the Dis investment in fossil fuels has been a major example where the environmental and political questions arose. Recently, with this agitation over carbon pollution, many big companies and institutions have started to Disinvest from fossil fuels.

There are numerous such examples in the world, which made companies for Dis investment. It is either for their personal growth or for the environment profit. Any issues which raised under company or by a consumer or by the political issues. This may also leads to refinement of funds or by reducing units then it will referred as Disinvestment. Find more information for India and United States.

What is Disinvestment in simple words?

Disinvestment simply means to sell or leave any stake of a company or organization or any stake of investment. In most cases, companies do disinvest generally to come back from losses. They acquire and see no one to raise the capital , which leads them to sell their own property or assets.

What is Disinvestment in the Indian Economy?

In Indian economic sector, the disinvestment generally seen when government tries to sell their assets manage under any department for liquidate. The public sector enterprises are fully or partially Disinvested for proper liquid to run the government in particular purpose.

What is the purpose of Disinvestment by the government?

The Government does choose for Disinvestment which allows them to increase their funds, that utilized to meet public needs. These might also be a part of privatizing their department, by fully selling it to some private company through auctions.